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10 Ideas for Garden Path


Garden path is a irresistible invitation for a walk in the fresh air, without leaving the boundaries of the yard. In fact, well-designed paths enable to slow down the pace and viewing around. Here are a few ideas that will help you to create a wonderful garden path.

Garden path with stone walls

Around the smoothly curving path of gravel can be built a low wall of stone.

The forest path

The feet of round stones will serve as a beautiful trail, especially when on both sides is planted vegetation. Such a narrow path is a great way to bring magical element in the yard.

Path surrounded by river stones

Meandering path of paving stones, surrounded by beautiful river stones, is an interesting view and certainly makes the garden look original and very natural.

image credit to gardenpathways.org

Steps covered with grass

The steps can be covered with a carpet of green grass, it is better to choose one that does not require major maintenance and mowing.

image credit to houzz.com

Meandering paths of gravel

Winding paths can make a garden to look bigger. Reinforce this effect by planting smaller plants in its beginning and higher species or trees in the end.

image credit to accentongranite.com

Garden path surrounded by trees

If you have a large yard, you might consider a path designed for walking. It is possible to cover it with gravel to make a curb, and planting trees on both sides.

image credit to housetohome.co.uk

Path with stones on which you can walk

Of grass-covered yard you can make a narrow path of stones on which you can walk. It is good to have stones in different sizes and not placed close to each other. This will create a more relaxed and casual look.

image credit to rsgardendesign.co.uk

A modern garden path

Complete the modern architecture by repeating lines and shapes of the building in the path beside her. In order to create a geometric effect you can use rectangular tiles of concrete around which are placed pebbles.

image credit to homedit.com

Japanese garden

The stones serving as steps and small bridge invites for a walk and getting to know the garden in the Japanese style. River stones under the bridge resemble on water and the large stones on the islands.


Cobblestone is a great way to create the impression that there is a garden for many years, even if you created it relatively soon.

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