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10 Inspirational Home DIY Ideas


Home DIY Ideas

For today we prepared a list of 10 inspirational Home DIY Ideas which are easy to make and at the same time very decorative. We hope that some of this ideas you will make for your homes.

Stand for the tablet with your hands

You can make a stand for your tablet or book. This stand is suitable for watching movie, reading books. With this stand everything is much easier.

image via http://scoutmob.com/

image credit to imgur.com

Table lamp made of polypropylene pipes and fittings

For this project you need creativity and a little time.

image via http://massalinadrive.com/

Box of newspapers

For this project you need newspapers, shoe box (as a base), scalpels, drills, brushes, clothing, paint, glue, varnish.

Mirror frame made ​​of branches

For such a mirror frame you need twigs, wood frame, glue and varnish.

image credit to decor4all.com

Homemade from clothespins

You can use clothespins for different projects for your home.

image credit to socreativethings.com

DIY Spoon Mirror

Conventional single use plastic spoons, you can use again as a mirror decoration.

image via http://danaalbertson.blogspot.com/

image via socreativethings.com

Woven Cardboard Vase

image via http://thecardboardcollective.com

Vase with marine motifs

You can create a home paradise in the form of a vase with marine motifs, which will remind you to the sea and the past summer holiday. For this project you will need clear glass vase or a small aquarium, decorative sand, colorful stones, dried starfish and decorative moss.

image via instructables.com

Candlestick of conventional logs

Ordinary log can be easily turn into an unusual candle holder, which will decorate the house. For this project you will need dry log, Saw for wood, drill, Melted wax, а piece of sandpaper.

image via instructables.com

Decorative vase from yarn

Try to make a vase with your own hands different from ordinary vase.

image credit to viewfromthefridge.com

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