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10 Summer Garden Ideas


Summer Garden Ideas

During the summer season the garden is becoming one of the most pleasant places to spend free time. Here you can enjoy your morning coffee, lunch, lounge and who knows what else. In this article you can find some very creative summer garden ideas about how to make the garden space more comfortable and enjoyable.

Swing for the garden

If in the garden you have a big tree with strong branches, instead of the traditional bench you could hang a wooden swing. To make it more comfortable insert a soft blanket and some decorative pillows. So you will have swing and the tree will provide dappled shade in the summer heat.

Outside dining

The old table and chairs you can transform into a wonderful outdoor dining using plain white cotton tablecloth. Decorate the table with fresh garden flowers and serve the food  in a porcelain.

Use buckets instead of pots

The old buckets can become perfect pots for your garden. They can be painted or in its authentic form. Before you plant a plant do not forget to drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket to drain unnecessary water.

Fountain in the garden

Make a ball fountain of stainless steel and locate in the center of the garden.

Shelves on the tree

Use the shade of a tree to store food and drink when you eat out. Look for new white boxes or paint old ones and install them as shelves in the tree.

Use rocking chair for the garden

Make yourself comfortable in an old rocking chair with soft pillows, admire the wildflowers, or read a good book. Ordinary crate can become a makeshift coffee table.

Garden box for the salads

This wooden, painted and raised high box is ideal for planting lettuce or herbs. Plant as lettuce and herbs to extend the period of use of the box throughout the season.

image credit to econet.ua

Colorful garden platform

Bring color to the wooden platform on the terrace, with painted wooden furniture in bright blue.

Baskets with spices for your garden

A few nice baskets would be perfect for growing lettuce and herbs. Place them on an external table near the kitchen door, so you can easily reach them.

Chandelier with tea candles

After dark, light the tea candles of rusted metal chandelier decorated with beautiful roses. Hang it over a table with juicy berries in white baskets. This is one of a greatest summer garden ideas.

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