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12 Ways of Light Switch Decorations


Most people do not even notice the light switches, but that does not mean they should ignore them in decorating the rooms of their home. They are a small detail that can, however, become a remarkable accent to your decor. Here are a few ideas for light switch decorations. Enjoy!!!

Backs of the books

If you have a home library would be a shame to spoil the interior of this space with an ordinary light switch. You can use the backs of books to decorate it appropriately. Depending on the size of the switch, use 2 or 3 backs, cut them with a knife to get equal parts and stick them on top of the switch.

Picture frame

Insert the key into the picture frame. This is one of the easiest and cheapest option. What you need is an old picture frame and some glue to stick it to the key. If the frame is larger than the cover of the switch, do not worry, just use a nail to put it on the wall.


Who does not love to travel? Many of us dream to visit one or more parts of the world. Why not share your dreams with your guests by pasting a map of this place on the light switch.

Midi and scallops

Bring a little summer freshness in the interior of your home using sand, mussels and scallops. Remove the key and smear glue. Glue the items, then sprinkle with sand. Wait a few hours for the glue to dry and replace the lid in place.

Figures from Polymer Clay

In this project, you can include and Your Kids – will be surprised how creative they can be. Just frame the pieces and glue them to the light switch.


This is another inexpensive way to decorate. Try to draw something abstract. Use colors that are already present in the room, in one form or another.

Knitted decoration

Cover the cap with knitting. If you can not knit, you can use a piece of an old sweater you no longer wear and just collecting dust in the closet.

Decorative Stickers

You can vary the design of the light switches with sticking interesting stickers on them or on the wall next to them.

Reminder notes

You can find these sticky notes with a hole in the middle in bookstores. They are specifically made to be glued to the light switch and will help you to remember.

image credit to ebay.com


You can decorate light switches by pasting them on small pieces of ceramic tiles or colored glass mosaic imitating.


This project may seem difficult, but it is not – you only need to drill three holes –  two round for the screws and a rectangular for the switch on a small plane from Lego. The rest is child’s play.

Quote from a book

You may use a quote from your favorite book or something you believe. It will be interesting for your guests to know more about you and your beliefs.

image credit to followpics.co

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