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13 Ideas for Open Plan Living Room


In this article we will give you some ideas for traditional living rooms with open plan. Most rooms are in a neutral color palette and create a cozy and at the same time stylish atmosphere. All living rooms presented in this article are undeniably impressive and can give useful ideas for people who want to make their home with open plan comfortable and enjoyable.

Classic house

For your living room in this traditional house you can use clean, classic colors that definitely create a great atmosphere and style.

image credit to houzz.com

Family room with several interesting features

In regard to the color impression makes the combination of the upholstered furniture in the living room and square ottoman that serves as the main table. Pay attention to the ceiling, which is decorated with decorative panels.

image credit to houzz.com

Open living room with ceiling beams

In this open plan home is designed so that the beams are visible. In addition, the ceiling is high enough, and that makes easy creation of a ventilation system.

image credit to houzz.com

Living room with decorative moldings on the ceiling

This open living room is characterized with a decorative molding on the ceiling as well as floor of wood.

image credit to houzz.com

Open living room with stone fireplace

Stone fireplace, and the combination of textures and patterns are giving character to the room.

Living room in brown shades

Different shades of brown create a rustic style.

image credit to houzz.com

Canadian home

The modern fireplace and the wall above it are extremely beautiful. The ceiling is impressive, and blue accents refresh the interior. Furthermore, the proximity of the living room to the kitchen and the garden is very convenient.


The combination of bright sofa and ottoman with dark chairs is quite interesting. This room shows how much easier through the arrangement of furniture and using a larger carpet can be identified separate areas.

Open living room with high ceiling

Here are used almost everywhere saturated chocolate shades. The high ceiling compensates the open plan and creates spaciousness.

image credit to houzz.com

Classic transformation of New York home

The open plan of the living room is a great idea because it allows easy access to other areas: the couch is with his back to the dining room and thus separates the two zones.

image credit to mycavuto.com

Open living room in contrasting shades

In this living room were used two leather sofa  in dark brown facing each other in contrast of bright carpet and cream round stool serving as a table. Being close to the kitchen allows people who are in the living room to talk to those who cook or eat at the bar counter.

image credit to hkstandard.com

Colorful family room

Here is a family room in whose interiors were used more colors than previous examples. Pink and red will complement the neutral tones in a pleasant way.

image credit to houzz.com

Open living room with many space

This is a beautiful and spacious living in Minneapolis. Here are used a little furniture and spaces that connect the living room to the dining room and kitchen.

image credit to houzz.com

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