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17 Creative Recycled Bottle Planters


Bottle Planters

If you look around your home, you will for sure find some versatile items that you keep stacking up instead of throwing them away. For instance, empty bottles, whether plastic or glass, can be found almost in every home. And yes, they can be repurposed in different ways, such as planters. For today, I have made you a collection of 17 Creative Recycled Bottle Planters.

Bottles can be easily repurposed into unique planters for your home or garden. They can be a cheaper alternative to some expensive planters that you can find in the stores and will give a unique look to your garden or home. Here are several versatile ideas of how to turn bottles into planters.

Hanging Recycled Bottle Planters

Bottles can be easily transformed into some hanging planters. You can hang them on some tree in the backyard, on the fence over there, on the patio or maybe even hang them somewhere in your home. If you prefer to hang them inside of your home, make sure to be closer to the window, so that they can get the right amount of light.

Photo via: greendiary.com

Vertical Garden

If you have many empty bottles you can take all of them to create a vertical garden. Using bottles for creating vertical garden, can be one of the cheapest ways to make one such garden. Here are several ideas that you may try to copy.

Photo via: sensortower.com

Photo via: getpolished.co

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Table Decorations

You can also turn a bottle into a planter and use it as part of the table centerpiece. Succulents are perfect choice for table decorations and they will look great both in plastic or glass bottle planter. You can even be creative and try to repaint the bottle or maybe wrapped it up with some rope.

Photo via: designmag.fr

Glass Bottles

And here are several more ideas of how to turn glass bottles into unique planters. Whether that will be some wine or beer bottles, they can be easily turned into some self-watering planters. Choose to repaint them to make them look more eye-catching. Or you can even add some tags on them, so that you can know what kind of plant it is.

Photo via: boredart.com

Photo via: boredart.com

Photo via: lacrema.com

So, if you have some empty bottles at home, don’t throw them away but turn them into cool planters. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Design & DIY Magazine to find many other DIY projects that you can do in your free time.

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