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21 Ways How Your Room to Looks Bigger


For many people small living space is a problem. When you have no space to put a bed and TV, living space becomes repulsive and you do not want to spend time in it. In this article we will present you 21 way how your room to look bigger. With this tips you will learn how to make proper arrangement of furniture so your room will look larger.

21 Ways How Your Room to Looks Bigger

  • If you are using curtains in the room, let them be in the same color with walls. And for room to look even bigger, it is best to put transparent curtains, through which will enters larger quantity of light.
  • The greater the amount of natural light you have, the bigger will seem the room.
  • If the sofa and chairs are lifted on stands, your room will look larger.
  • If your room is filled with items that you are not use them for years, get rid of them

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  • Paint the walls with light neutral color.
  • Tread pattern on textile surfaces should be minimal.
  • Use multifunctional furniture. Folding bed in sofa, or table that can be an extra place to sit.
  • Attach a few mirrors in the room, the reflection will visually increase the space.
  • Do not overload the room with furniture, keep a few, but large pieces

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  • Put shelves that will be hung on the wall. Shelves that are from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, closing the space.
  • Furniture that can be moved or it is with wheels is great for small rooms.
  • Do not fill every corner of the room. Leave a little space so you room to breathe.
  • Put just one long path in the room. It will create the illusion of a large room.

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  • Part of your furniture shall be in the same color with walls. So you get the chameleon effect and the space will look larger.
  • Do not place the furniture always glued to the wall, sometimes is better to be placed diagonally in the corner.
  • Dining table shall be with a mechanism of extraction, so you can make smaller when you don’t eat.
  • The color of the ceiling should be lighter than the other walls.
  • Always put curtains aside. Open windows make the space bigger.


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  • If carpet has stripes will make the room to seem endless.
  • Put more glass surfaces so you can see through them.
  • Instead of a big chandelier, put several small lighting.


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