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3 Interesting Ideas for the Bedroom


In this article will present you 3 Interesting Ideas for the Bedroom. You can apply some of this ideas in your bedroom.

Practical side pockets

These beautiful and practical pockets are designed for the side of the bed. You can make them yourself quickly and easily, and the result is a comfortable place to put your belongings when you’re in bed – glasses, books or a bottle of water. For this project you will need suitable fabric and sewing machine or needle and thread.

How to make:

  • Bend one end of the fabric to the desired depth where you want to be a pocket.
  • Sew together the outer edges of both folded parts.
  • With the help of two stitches separate thus  formed pocket of 3 parts, to obtain 3 pockets


Fake window on the wall

This is one non-standard concept, suitable not only for the bedroom but also for other rooms. For that purpose you need 2 window covers and framed picture which will represents the “view” from your fake window. Attach the covers on both sides of the picture, it is best to mount them on the wall since the frame is not stable enough for this purpose. For greater effect paint the frame and covers in the same color to look like they are part of a real window.

Live Decoration

This quick and easy project will add a pinch of style and beauty to even the most casual decor. The aim is to create a feeling that the decoration is alive and passes from the headboard to the wall, towards the ceiling. This decoration can be with different motifs – flowers, leaves or colorful butterflies. You can also mix a few different elements to obtain a more complex story.

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