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9 Easy DIY Ideas for Everyone


The spring is an inspiring season. With the awakening of spring, the ideas are more and more and your home turns into a big playground where it is possible with a little imagination and a variety of materials to make a piece of furniture, decoration, container waste etc. Here are a few DIY Ideas how to take advantage of the things that everyone has at his home.

How to use branches as decoration

Dry branches, thin or thick, can be used to make hangers for the hall or to make chandeliers. They need to be cleaned and painted and then can be connected depending on what you are making.

Storage place from the crates

Old wooden crates, if are properly painted and attached to the wall in the hallway can serve as an excellent place for storing your shoes, or as cabinets for storing purses, keys, phone, and all the little things that you need. Similarly they can be applied on the terrace or in the pantry.

image via odome.com.ua

image via homejelly.com

Old books as shelves

Small and unusual shelves for small items, that would be a great decor in the bedroom can be made from old books. Install books by inserting a thin but solid piece of wood and thus screw for wall bracket.

Recycled cans

Tins from winter food, from compote, etc., can be used to make hanging flower pots for creepers or other plants.

image source cutoutandkeep.net

image via themindfulword.org

image and instructions via lillysnlollipops.blogspot.com

From suitcases to the basket for the cat

Old suitcase with unusual shape can be converted into a bed for your pet. Change the interior with a decorative cloth, add a pad and you’ve got a basket for the cat.

Wooden crate as chair

From the old wooden crate you can make the chair very easily. Halve the crate to get the seat with backrest and arms. This construction can be repainted if desired, or just protected with clearcoat. At the bottom attach legs from the old table, and put pillows on the seat and backrest or can be done upholstery of thick sponge and cloth.

image via shullboys.blogspot.com

The new role of the old table

Old tray tables are ideal for making shelves that will be used for stacking books, or as Jardiniere for flowers.

image via peasandcrayons.com

Bathroom refreshment

Wooden blinds for windows

image via petitelefant.com

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