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Bathroom Design with Rustic Plank Walls


Rustic Plank Walls

Tiles may be the most common choice when decorating the walls in the bathroom. But if you are looking for a way to add a warm look to the bathroom, you may choose to replace the tiles with some rustic plank walls. Rustic plank walls are one of the features of rustic bathrooms, so if you prefer this style, you may choose to install some such wall. In this article we will show you how to use Rustic Plank Walls for a warm look of the bathroom

Rustic plank walls can be found in various shades, depending on the type of wood you use. They can be installed in any bathroom, but you should have in mind that if there is lots of moisture you should seal it. This is really important, because if you don’t seal it, the wood can swell and wrap. Choose to install only one accent wall or maybe even turn your bathroom into a cozy rustic place, by covering all the walls with wood planks. The best colors to match with such wall designs are white, grey, brown, beige, navy etc. Wooden walls can look great in combo with some stone designs. For instance you may choose a stone bathtub or maybe even a copper one. The flooring can be also a wooden one or maybe you may choose it to be covered with tiles. Below, we have chosen several bathroom with rustic plank walls that may get you inspired to add some such walls into your bathroom too. Check them out!!!

Photo via: designmag.fr

The plank walls can instantly become the focal point of the bathroom. You can choose to leave them plain or maybe decorate them with some mirror or maybe some decorative items, such as wreaths.

Photo via: blesserhouse.com

Photo via: casaydiseno.com

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Plank walls are one of the ways to add a rustic vibe to the bathroom. Whether you choose to add just one accent wall or do the same for all walls, you will give the bathroom a warm and cozy look. Tell us in the comments which one from the above bathroom designs did you like the best.

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