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Creative Ideas for Garden Fence


Anything can be created on original way, just you need to invent. You should try different options. For example, imagine that you have to build a fence, but you want it to be unique. You could use an unconventional material, unusual shape or color. Can be inspired by your surroundings objects and use your imagination to combine different concepts. In this article you can find some great creative ideas how to make your garden fence and to be unique in your neighborhood.

Mirror fence

If you don’t want your fence stands out, then take it to blend in with the landscape. The fence with mirror surface will literally disappear and merge with the background behind. Of course, it will be there and will continue to perform their functions, but simply no one will notice it.

image credit to art-days.com

Fence of pencils

Decoration of the pillars of the fence as a giant pencils is an interesting idea. Such a concept you can apply if you are designing a playground fence or fence you just want to look colorful and fun. For this purpose you need to sharpen the peaks of the pillars and paint them in different colors. Make the pillars with different height, so to imitate a real set of pencils.

Piano fence

Another interesting idea is to decorate the boards of the fence as piano keys. This idea is quite simple to implement. You just have to paint the fence with white paint, then add small black panels.

Fence with painted characters

There are many other options for decorating the fence. You just have to be inspired by a theme and try to interpret it on the fence.  This fence for example is inspired by children’s cartoon character – each board is painted with the image of a different man.

Fence made of aces

If you love to play cards, maybe you will like this fence, where each element is decorated like an ace.

Fence made of ski

It would be great to recycle old items that you no longer consumed in something usable. For example this fence is made of old ski.

Decorate the ordinary fence

Try to decorate the ordinary fence with graffiti.

Fence made of window shutters

Use the old window shutters to build dynamic fence. Paint them in different colors for more mood.

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