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Decorative Stone in Living Room


Very popular in modern interiors, the decorative stone does not come out of the circle of one of the most current material. Various shapes, textures and colors make it usable in almost any interior.



image credit to archilovers.com

The creation of modern design of apartments and houses nowadays is often with using of decorative stone, because this material would also give distinctiveness and sophisticated individual style. There are other types of finishing materials, but the one that can resist on test of time and the vagaries of fashion, is just artificial decorative stone. Beauty, a sense of luxury, durability and functionality are just some of its features. It is used equally well in the interior of the kitchen, the bathroom, but mostly its qualities are demonstrated in the living room.

The place which you choose to set the decorative stone largely dictates the type for which you need to decide. In the living room, decorative stone is placed on the dominant wall or on the wall that is visually prominent. In the other rooms is used less frequently and in smaller areas. In smaller rooms set in the smaller niches.

If the room is spacious, and the wall on which you want to set up decorative stone is with large surface (more than 8 m2) select larger stone structure with colors that will fit in with the rest of the furniture. It is widely believed that the decorative stone is more suitable for spacious rooms. This need not be true, because if you want to have a part of the decorative elements in a small apartment, it is advisable that you opt for a stone lighter in color and the finer texture. This stone will be a perfect fit in a small space.

In addition to traditional decoration of the corner by the fireplace, with decorative stone can be decorated columns, niches and walls – all or part of them, but it is recommended that the color tones of the stone to be contrasted with at least a few shades of the main color. Decorative stone successfully can be combined with other types of materials such as wallpaper, paint, wood, which provides a large opportunity to build a truly unique interior design. If you still doubt that artificial decorative stone standing at the end of the road on the trail of stylish individuality, see clearly the arguments gathered as evidence in our gallery!

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