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DIY Christmas Decorations


DIY Christmas Decorations

As Christmas and New Year are approaching, one of the ways to entertain the kids during the holidays is to include them in making DIY Christmas Decorations. Here are some ideas for making Christmas decorations.

Decoration for candle of orange

This decoration will allow you to get wonderful light and beautiful warm aroma of orange. For this decoration you need the orange and a small candle. Cut the orange transverse on one side. Once you remove all from it, carefully cut circles. The best is to make a round on a top where will burn the candle flame. Also you can use and grapefruit.

New Year Platter

Your old tray you can use to create interesting decoration. Arrange it with different sized candles and around them place walnuts, almonds and small ornaments. Besides white candles you can use red, but not mix too many colors.

image source

Snow Balls of Plasticine or Clay

Using plasticine or clay easily and simply you can create a snowball. On every ball you can draw a face and show different emotions. As eyes you can put beads or pearls in color.

image source

Christmas Tree from Snowflakes

Cut a few snowflakes from white cardboard, but each of them to be with different sizes. Also you need some white pearls, needle and thread.

image source

Christmas Trees from Pine Cones

In the candlestick put cone and on the top set small bright star. For greater effect sprinkle the pine cone with gold spray.

image source

Pine Cone as Lampion

Simple and easy pine cone can be turned into a New Year Lampion, if you tie a red tape and make a ribbon on upper part of the cone.

image source

Candlestick from the Shells of Nuts

There will be no mistake if your Christmas and New Year decorations include walnuts. Simply place a small candle in one half of the shell of the nut. Fit with the melted wax.

image source

Popcorn Necklace

You can easily and simply use the popcorn to decorate the house. To make a necklace, you need the popcorn and thick thread, and if you want to enter some color, use dried fruit.

image source

Candy Cane Candle

The interesting lollipops in the shape of a cane can serve to give New Year look to candles.

image source

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