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DIY Creative Home Decorations


DIY Creative Home Decorations

Christmas Snowy Jar

With little effort you can make a New Year’s cute decoration for your home. All you need is a jar with a lid, distilled water, liquid glycerin, flashes, a small Christmas tree and glue. First with a strong glue affix the tree for the jar lid and leave it for one day. Then fill the jar with distilled water and add some glycerin in order the flashes to fall more slowly. Then add a certain amount of flashes per your taste. Close the jar nicely with a lid and shake it. Done!!!

Table from crates of wine

If you need a coffee table in your house, no need to throw money for buying new one. With a small investment and effort, you can make great coffee table for your home. All you need is a 4 wooden crates, 2 longer laths, 4 wheels, screws, dark brown color and drilling machine.


Creative solution for your wall

If you want to make some changes at home, then we will show you an easy way to change the look of one of the walls.  All you need is a three shades of orange and two shades of green color, then brush with a thickness of about 3 cm, ladder, polystyrene, cardboard and glue.


Holders for cosmetic from plastic bottles

In your bathroom you have always scattered things of your cosmetics. Why not tidy up the chaos by storing them in a creative plastic holders that in a very simple way you can do it yourself by recycling plastic bottles. All you need is a small plastic bottles, knife, scissors and a hot iron.


How to keep your memories in a jar

Beautiful memories we want to remember forever. A simple and beautiful way to do it is to give an antique look to your older photo or to decorate with items that remind you of those times. For this idea, you need a black and white photography, a jar full of olive oil and some dried flowers or branches. Photography inside will look wonderful.


Paper Plane Decoration

If you have free time and want to beautify your home, here’s an interesting idea how to do it with paper planes. All you need is old maps, tree branches, decorative strip, wire, thread, duct tape, scissors, ruler and pencil .


Chandelier from tetra pak

From used carton boxes of milk you can make a nice chandelier. The method of preparation is as follows:  the used boxes of milk are cut on the strips, from them are formed pentagons and hexagons, which then merge to form a spherical or other desirable shape without the use of adhesive.

image source

Interesting Chandelier with Hemp and Beach Ball

If you wish to do interesting things, than this chandelier will attract your attention. For this chandelier you do not need much money nor a lot of time. All you need is ball for beach, adhesive and hemp.


Trash can of the bucket for paint

The old used bucket for color, with colored fabric you can transform into trash can for the room. This trash can you can place in your bedroom, child’s room or office.

image source and instructions

Lamp from plastic cups

Plastic disposable cups you can use again to make interesting lamp. To make it is not required any special skills or special tools.

image source and instructions

The original idea for masking outlet

DIY Geometric Lamp from Copper

image source and instructions

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