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DIY Curtains Projects for Your Home


DIY Curtains Projects

Old and boring curtains you can transform quickly and easily, if you have a little time and creativity. Here are some diy curtains projects from which you will be inspired.

Curtains of patches

Use pieces of different fabrics to design new curtains. Cut the pieces so that they overlap each other. Sew them from the inner side on the sewing machine and make ironing to straighten the edges. You can make in advance scheme of fabric pieces, once you determine their sizes and mark. In the upper part don’t forget to sew a pocket to insert the curtains in the cornice.

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Reuse of old curtains

Do not throw away the old curtains if you like the pattern. Instead, use the fabric to sew the short curtains for lower part of windows. Cut out the the fabric in size, sew her on the edges and sew a pocket in the upper part to insert in the cornice. Cornice is mounted on the window frame. If you want the fabric to fit tightly in the window, put weight in the pocket at the bottom.

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Curtains of two parts

Give a second chance to the old curtains if they are too short for the window or damaged on the lower part. Cut out the damaged part of the curtains and sew other fabric on the bottom of the curtains.

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Quick drapery

To cover only the top of the kitchen window, use a piece of wood several inches in width and length than the width of the window. Cut and sew along the edges piece of fabric with a length of 40 centimeters or at your request. Pinch the fabric on a piece of wood. Place a piece of wood on the window frame.

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Ombre curtains

Ombre effect is a combination of colors that are gradually change from dark to lighter shade. Use 2 or 3 shades of the selected fabric paint to transform the white curtains. Always follow the instructions on the packaging of the paint to dissolve it in water. Dip the bottom of the fabric and wait as long as necessary to catch the paint. First treat the fabric with the bright paint.


image source

Curtains with flowers

The standard white curtains you can transform with the small colored fabric. To make the flowers, cut flower circles of fabric and bent them 4 times. Sew the created quarters on the curtain with a needle and thread or a sewing machine.

image source

Kitchen curtain of fabric strips

To not completely block the light in the kitchen, make a partial curtain that covers only the lower part of the window. Such a curtain you can make from floral fabric strips, that will tie to the cornice. Place the cornice on the window frame.

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