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DIY Ideas for Side Tables

The place reserved for the book that you are reading before bedtime, your phone and all those things that you need before bedtime or right after you wake up is a modest, but definitely an important part of your furniture. But instead of using classic (and a little bit boring) variant of side tables, you can make this little convenient corner more feminine and playfully.

Use an old barrel as side table

Find an old barrel and with a little paint and imagination and turn it in barrel of Chanel 5 perfume. You can decorate it with a lamp and a framed picture, or something that reflects your character.

New purpose for old chair

It is a cool idea to have an old chair beside your bed. You can paint it, or just to restore the shine and then decorate it with your favorite magazines, books and of course reading lamp.

The drums can be used for more than playing

If you think you’ve seen everything, imagine an old drum to your bed. Perhaps it is not so easy to find an old drum, but if you find then use it and make a piece of furniture of your taste.

Find a new purpose for the old chair

If you want a minimalist style, this option may be appropriate for you.

Transformation of old suitcases in side table

If you love vintage style there is nothing better than creative coffee table made ​​of old suitcases.

Functional staircases as side table

Maybe the old wobbly ladders you can not use for their original purpose, but of course you can use them for something creative. They can be excellent detail, especially because on every stair you can put something else.

The old casket as night table



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