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DIY Ideas from Recycled CDs

Surely you have a bunch of CDs at home that you do not use a long time. They probably are broken and unusable for its original purpose, but still stand there somewhere on the shelves and drawers. We propose to use them for something clever – make useful stuff from them along with the children! Take a look on this fantastic ideas with recycled CDs and make something of that for your home.

Coasters for glasses

This is an easy activity for children. Mottle CDs with the help of self-adhesive collage paper or sticker and make sweet coasters.

image credit to craftsbyamanda.com

Snowman of CDs

Here you can be creative and make your own version with the help of CDs and some paper, paint and glitter

image and instructions via craftsbyamanda.com

Decoration for Christmas tree

Easy Spinners

Inspire kids with this project – with the help of the balls, the shutter for a bottle, a little glue and CDs.

image and instructions via thatswhatwesaid.net

CDs animals

With the help of a CD, a bit of paper or felt, make a variety of animals.

image credit to familycrafts.about.com

Sweet ladies from CDs

Owl from CDs

image and instructions via happy-giraffe.ru

Stand for earrings

Practical stand that you will make easily from old CDs and holders for CDs. Everything you need is to drill holes and attach the CD.

image credit to instructables.com

Stand for pictures of boxes for CDs

If you already use the CDs, also use and boxes. Create frames for pictures of them and post them on retainer as a whirligig.

Barriers for cabinet

Recycle CDs into something really useful. Make of them barriers for closet, write names of days in the week and help the child to always know what to wear every day.

Curtains for teen room

This is adequate decoration for teen room that is easy to make.

Decoration for the collar

image credit to followfashion.nl

Flower pot decoration

Brighten the pot just by pasting parts of CDs on it. Easy and beautiful!

image and instructions via makeiteasycrafts.com



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