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DIY Interior Design with a Small Budget


DIY Interior Design

Invest time and energy, not so much money in these interesting projects for the rooms. They are very suitable for people who like to create their own accessories. Transform the old furniture and accessories in new ones, change their function.

Accessory from old platter and cups

Collect 3 different sized trays and transform them into sweets holder. To connect trays you need 2 cups of wine. Use adhesive for glass. You can put the glasses normally or turn them, depending on what effect you are looking for.

Shelves with twigs

Create creative shelves for wall using twigs of birch. Cut branches of equal length and align the ends. Cut off a few planks of wood or plywood of equal size, paint them and wait to dry. Install the branches on the boards of both top and bottom side with wood screws. Install the shelves on the wall with L-shaped metal brackets.

image credit to scraphacker.com

Bedside table from old wooden crates

On plywood paste 4 or 6 wooden crates. On the underside of the base install 4 wheels for furniture, so you can move bedside table around the room.

image credit to interiors-designed.com

Curtains of kitchen towels

To ensure privacy in the room, but without stopping the light in the room completely, install partial curtains at the bottom of the window. Mount the metal lever to the desired height with few metal rings with clips so you can easily replace the curtains with new ones. It is best to use two identical kitchen towels.

image credit to mysocalledcraftylife.com

Art scarves on the wall

Old scarves can be transformed into a artwork for wall in the living room. Cut them in size and paste them with glue on white paper. Put them in a frame and hang them on the wall.

Coffee Table of a chicken coop

The old cage for transporting chickens can be transformed into a great coffee table for the living room. Before you transform the cage, you need to clean well and if you want you can apply a fresh paint. It is enough to install 4 wheels for furniture on the lower side, and glass on the upper side.

Drawers on wheels under the bed

Drawers of old desks and lockers you can transform into furniture for storage under the bed in the bedroom. To have easy access to the items install on all drawers 4 wheels, to removing them from under the bed with one easy movement.

Table of plant holder

Easy lamp shade

image credit to johnlewis.com

Applications above the bed in the bedroom

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