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DIY Magazine Holder of Wood and Leather


If you are magazines lover, they are probably scattered on tables and shelves throughout your home and sometimes it is difficult to find them. You will be much easier if you have a special magazine holder to avoid the chaos and always know where to find them. The best part is that you can design yourself diy magazine holder for your magazines, if you have the wood, leather and a little dexterity.

DIY Magazine Holder

Today we will show you an easy way how to make DIY magazine holder for your favorite magazines. Inspire yourself and make it!!! It is really easy!!!

For this project you need the following materials:

  • 4 cylindrical laths
  • 2 boards
  • glue for wood
  • stain for wood
  • leather
  • glue for fabric

Using a small bowl and pencil underline parts of the boards should be cut. Look at the picture.

Cut out the outlined areas with an electric saw, on the lines of the pencil. Once you cut one board impose it on the other board and draw with a pencil the areas that need to trim. This will ensure that the two boards will be exactly the same.

Now we need to make holes for cylindrical laths. Using a pencil, mark the places where you plan to deploy them, and then drill with a drill. Drill until you exit the other side of the board then turn the board and expand the hole on the other side in the same way to get a clean edge. Once you drill holes of one board impose it over the other board and mark with a pencil the locations of the holes and then drill them.

Smooth the rough edges and apply the stain on the wood surface with a a cotton cloth. Wait to dry and if you wish, apply another layer.

While waiting for the wooden items to dry, sew the leather part. Cut a template from paper into rectangles. Using the template cut two rectangles on both sides of the skin using a scale model knife. Fold the skin so as to obtain a pockets for the laths, stick it, and sew on sewing machine.

Insert the laths into the leather pockets, then place them into the holes at the top of the boards, before that brush the edges with a wood glue. Once inserted in the hole, part of the glue will come out, so I prepare an old cloth to wipe it. The other two laths inserted in the hole at the bottom in the same way.

You can put this holder next to the sofa in the living room and you’ll always know where are your favorite magazines.


many thanks to abeautifulmess.com

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