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DIY Shelves for Terraces and Backyards


If you need an external storage space or for decorating, shelves are probably the real thing. They are very practical in every way and can be used as a fantastic decorations for your terrace or garden. We have selected few diy shelves projects that are simple enough that you can make them. See them and beautify your living space.

DIY Shelves with a couple of logs and boards

A couple of logs and lumber are sufficient to make a useful shelf for storing. Pay special attention to safety.

image credit to goexplorenature.com

Use crates as shelves

Wooden crates can be very nice as a material for shelves in the yard.

DIY shelf on the terrace

Free wall on the terrace, you can decorate with a row of useful shelf and use them for flowers or other items.

DIY shelves with ladders and planks

This project is derived from the lower ladder and wooden planks. The wood is painted in white color which has excellent contrast with the greenery.

image credit to breidawithab.com

Cabinet of crates

Another suggestion with the wooden crates that are dyed and connected in closet. This is a useful idea for the terrace but also for the toys in the kids room.

DIY shelves from old doors

The old door can be useful for shelving in the garden. Add a couple of planks and all repaint.

image credit to lushome.com

DIY shelves from the old window and table

The old garden table and an old window can be combined in a useful cabinet. This is proof that nothing should be lightly thrown.

image credit to theshabbycottagehome.blogspot.com

DIY shelves from ladders and planks

Another example with the ladder and planks that this time does not protrude from the side but perfectly coincide with the width of the ladder.

image credit to canariasconestilo.com

Combination of the crates and structure of the ladder

Here are suggestions for how to combine the different wooden elements in the yard and get a usable space.

DIY shelves from old pallet

Old pallet can be used as a useful shelf on the terrace or in the garden.

DIY shelves from modern metal structure

Police always come in handy on the terrace, especially if you have a comfortable place to sit.

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