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Home Projects from Old Sweaters


Old Sweaters

Don’t throw your old sweaters. Transform them into interesting creative items for your home. In this article we will present some interesting ideas how to reuse old sweaters and make something really nice and decorative for your home.

Great sweater lamp

If you want to use an old sweater, wash the fabric and treat with the tools for compaction wave and transform it into a thick felt. Cut a piece of fabric in size of the lamp to cover it completely. If the shape of the lamp does not allow use of the complete piece, use a few pieces. If you want, you can decorate the lamp with flowers made from an old sweater.

image credit to thriftyandchic.com

image via http://unskinnyboppy.com/

image via aransweatermarket.com

Blanket from sweater pieces

Old sweater can be used as a material for blanket or fabric for sofa. Cut the healthy parts of the sweater, sew them on the edges and sew them with a sewing machine to each other. You can use pieces of different sizes and different texture. In this way you will get a blanket or fabric with an interesting appearance.

Knitted carpet from old sweater

Cut several narrow strips from old sweaters in equal width and start with knitting.

Basket for yarn from old sweaters

For this project you need an old sweaters and basket. Cut the piece of the sweater in the size of the basket that you want to decorate. Other way is to make a basket for yarn with knitting of sweater pieces.

image via http://blog.yarn.com/

image via http://craftycoup.wordpress.com/

Pillows from old sweaters

The old sweaters you can transform into interesting decorative pillows.

image credit to modernhomeinteriordesign.com

image credit to blukatkraft.blogspot.com

image credit to heatherinheels.com

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