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Hot Interior Color Combinations for Summer 2014

Except for holidays, summer is the perfect time to bring freshness in your home using the most recent season interior color combinations. While themes like blue and white are current throughout the year and fit well with the interiors in various styles, this summer you can bet on a bold, cheerful colors. Here are some of the latest pairs of colors.

Opposites attract attention

If you imagine individually bright blue and deep orange, probably will carefully consider before combining them in the same room. However, the two colors combine surprisingly well, and help to achieve convincing visual effect. Orange and various shades of blue is most often used as accents in a room with a neutral color scheme, with white serves as a perfect backdrop.

image credit to houzz.com

Thinking ahead

While some people like to make changes in the decor in each new season, others prefer carefully selected color schemes in order not having to make repairs in the coming months. In these cases the refreshing combination of green and yellow is helpful. It is nothing new and people accept it as natural because of the inspiration that we draw from nature. This color scheme is elegant but simple, modern but timeless. The huge variety of colors make this exciting and dynamic.

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Magnificence of elegant tones



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Courage and serenity

The following combinations are definitely rely on blue color. Turquoise and red are quite unexpected and bold combination: turquoise creates a sense of calm, while red is bold and catchy.





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