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How the Interior of the Home Reflects the Character of the Owner


Our personality to a great extent is determined by the design of the house in which we live. Everything that we have, our beliefs and dreams, as well as our overall character is reflected in the interior of the home.

Minimalism – less is more

People who prefer minimalist style are very organized. They plan any change several weeks in advance. Minimalism is subordinate mainly to functionality and aesthetics. Words that describe lovers of minimalist style are: a perfectionist, methodical and introverted.

Scandinavian style

In Scandinavian style comfort, coziness and warmth are above everything. Words that describe fans of Scandinavian style are friendly, social, and elegant.

image credit to pursuitist.com

image credit to littlemisshomes.com

Pop Art

The interiors in the style of pop art are bold, stylish and elegant. Almost mandatory for them are non-traditional artwork and bright colors. Every element of pop art interior has its own story and meaning. People who prefer pop art style are dynamic, intriguing and mysterious. They value their personal territory and do not show up their true nature. For them, each item has a story, part of their personal history. Words that describe them are: complex, mysterious, different, elegant and fresh.

image credit to englishblinds.co.uk

Shabby chic

This style focuses exclusively on elegance. Homeowners in this style are positive and social individuals who love to show their creativity in furnishing their home. They rarely buy new furniture. The sense of collective memory in them is strong and they appreciate the antique furniture. Words that characterize them are: charismatic, social, artistic and fresh.

image credit to myrivergardenhome.com

Vintage style

Vintage interior is always unique and reflects the personality of its owner. Vintage style focuses on small details and antique accessories, although sometimes some items are repeated, each vintage interior is different from the others. The words that best describe the fans of vintage style are: complex, motivated and a perfectionist.

image credit to timothyoulton.com

Japanese style

Japanese style in the interior is much more strict than others. People who prefer Japanese style are in constant touch with nature around them. They appreciate the natural light, simple things and spacious. Words that describe them are: simple, positive, organized and energetic.

image credit to iflook.com

Classic style

The classic style needs no introduction. People who choose this style appreciate the classic beauty, they are interested in culture, history and politics. They love noble elegance and appreciate the comfort of home. In a few words they are noble, charming, solid and timeless.

image credit to decobizz.com

image credit to evtiel.com

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