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How to Choose the Curtains


Curtains have a significant impact on the interior of the house, apartment, hotel or wherever you are.  It is therefore very important your choice of types of curtains to be correct. Curtains should fit with the other elements of space, such as furniture, carpets, paint and comply with the aesthetic impression of a complete space. Check this interesting tips and advices how to choose the curtains for your living space.

Classical or modern curtains

How to choose curtains with regard to a wide range of options? Will you choose the classic or modern curtains that are in trend will depend on the purpose of the room but it will be your choice ultimately based on your own style and taste.

The first thing you should do before making a purchase decision is that you need to know what is the purpose of curtains. Will they be just for decoration, ensure privacy, protection from the strong sun light or to divide the space. In the living room which is connected with dining room on the same glass wall you can combine modern and classical panel curtains.

Choosing of modern curtains on the window in dining room and classic curtains in the living room can be combined with the right choice of colors and materials. The combination of translucent and opaque dark curtain will provide constant pleasant stay in the room.

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Silk curtains

The airy curtains provide sufficient light and provide privacy during daylight. Dark densely woven curtain does not allow light to penetrate the room and are a good choice for bedrooms. In this way the space is partitioned except the furniture and curtains. What curtains you will choose, will depend on the type of material. The combination of double curtain (drapery and curtain) provides multiple opportunities leakage of light into the room especially in the summer when you want to reduce the entry of sunlight.

For traditionally decorated interiors silk curtains will give grace on the interior. The color and texture will vary from other design (furniture, wallpaper, carpets …).

The basic style is always the best choice if you want classic curtain. It consists of a simple wooden or metal curtain rods on which are rings or mechanisms for hanging curtains. Many manufacturers sell complete cornices and curtains or you can request a tailor-made solution with the installation of curtains.

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Cotton curtains

You can choose curtains made ​​of cotton if you are a lover of shabby chic style. Characteristic pastel colors: white, cream, soft shades of blue, pink and green.

Classical cornices can be wooden or metal.

Such a simple shape, nicely shaped curtains will give a relaxed and elegant look to your home.

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Rural curtains

If you want to equip the windows of your country houses with curtains, choice of curtains with the base of white or cream color with a floral pattern will certainly bring more vibrancy to your space.

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