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How to Make Recycled Cardboard Furniture


Furniture made ​​from 100% recycled materials, cardboard and other paper types, is a revolutionary invention and helps to develop ecological awareness as well as to protect the environment. Despite of the ecological and practical character, this furniture is a cost effective option to all strata of society and is very simple and easy to make. The idea to use cardboard for making furniture for the home has become increasingly popular in recent decades because of its durability, stability and availability.

To create ecological recycled furniture you don’t need any special tools other than those which you already have at home. The only drawback of this type of furniture is that must not come into contact with water or moisture. This problem can be solved with protective coating against moisture. Stability and durability of such furniture can be provided by using of chipboard below the surface of a table or chair. After using, the cardboard furniture you can simply and easily disassemble and deliver the cardboard for recycling.

How to Make Recycled Cardboard Furniture

From carton you can make a bed, chair, table, shelves, small decorative details, such as picture frames, laptop holders, cup, glass, lamp, chandelier, etc., knowing that this material can withstand heavy stuff. In this article we will present you a few ideas how to make recycled cardboard furniture.

The chair of the roll of paper Conolounge

The chair of the roll of paper is a work of Chilean design studio Onceneto in cooperation with the newspaper La Tercera. The chair is made ​​of cardboard tubes, ie rolls of printing paper for printing newspapers. These rolls are strong enough that they can withstand the load. They are connected with a metal part which gives them extra stability.


image via apresfurniture.co.uk

The bed made from cardboard

This cardboard bed is made by Australian company for cardboard production. The bed is so sturdy that it can withstand the weight of 22 man. This bed can easily and quickly be converted from a single in a double bed. As part of the bed are appropriate cardboard drawers and the bedside table.


image via kartongroup.com.au

Table and chairs for children’s room

Drawing Table and chairs for sitting for children’s room also you can make from cardboard. They are strong and at the same time fun. Also kids can draw and write on them.

image via founterior.com

Few more examples of cardboard furniture

image via founterior.com

image via decobizz.com

image via nobswall.com

image via 45walldesign.blogspot.com.es

image via ikatbag.com

image via davidgraas.com

image via davidgraas.com

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