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Ideas for Table Lamps Lampshade

Lamps Lampshade

Transform a boring shade of the lamp in the room with the means that are at hand, to convert it into unusual focal point. You can use the old table lamp with a standard lampshade or buy a new lamp on which will test your skills. It is sufficient,  the lampshade to be with standard round or rectangular shape, in one color, best neutral. You can use the ideas directly or transform them of your own volition.

Lamp with silhouette

This creative idea for a lamp does not require much resources and skills. In addition, it allows you to experiment without risk of failure because you can always change the idea and change the inside of the lamp if you do not like. Select what you want to see when it illuminates – a phrase or pattern, then download from internet and print it or draw by hand. Cut out the pattern for light in dark paper. To see it when the bulb lights up, you should glue the paper on the inside side of the lamp using spray – glue.

image and instructions via chicaandjo.com

image via http://homesdir.net/

“Flowering” lamp

Transform boring lamp into something unusual with just a little fabric yarn and glue.

image via http://designbyshilpi.blogspot.com/

image and instructions via brit.co

image and instructions via http://howtonestforless.com/

Ombre lamp with colorful yarn

Choose a color yarn in several colors. You can use this idea on the lamp with a round or rectangular shape.

image source and instructions via vintagerevivals.com

image via designmegillah.com

Mosaic lamp with skin

For this project use pieces of leather or colored fabric to cover the boring lamp with white shade.

image and instructions via brit.co

Lamp with fabric strips

Boring white lamp can be transformed with a few strips of fabric. Select fabric in several colors and patterns, and cut it into strips of desired width.

image and instructions via brit.co

Lamp with map

For the lovers of travel around the world , the old lamp can be transformed with a selected area from the map.

image via notonthehighstreet.com

image and instructions via prettyhandygirl.com

image and instructions via http://stephssilverboxes.blogspot.com



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