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Improve Your Home with Weekend Projects


Make unique and different every space and every detail of your home. Here are some interesting DIY advices how to improve your home this summer.

Set a ceiling fan

Add a ceiling fan and save money when it is not necessary to turn on your air conditioning in those days when you need a little ventilation air.

Polystyrene moldings

Every room in the house looks better with the elegant finish of polystyrene moldings which define the space and make the elements to differ.

image credit to premier-decor.com

Paint the walls or paste wallpaper

Application of new fresh paint on the walls or putting new wallpaper will make any room to look beautiful and different. It is only 2-3 hours work. Carefully choose your favorite color, and compare it with the colors of neighboring rooms.

“Dress” the fireplace

If it is time to replace the old fireplace with a new, more modern, choose such a with sufficient depth so you could post photos and other decorations on the top plate. This part of fireplaces is quite popularly used for setting up Christmas decorations, family photos, etc. If you buy ready-made fireplace, do not be afraid to color, paint or add new moldings – will increase the impression and satisfaction.

Revive’s walls stairs

Add drama and beautified the stairs with a distinctive, stylish fence. Warehouses and stores for already used construction, household materials are an ideal place for ideas including smaller budget.

Replace or restore the internal doors

Refresh the everyday interior elements with form and function. If you have a plain wooden door, set new door handle, make space for glass and set stained glass or apply a new color. If it needs replacement of internal doors then place more efficient doors that mitigate the noise.

Restore the floor

Setting up floor from solid wood as the parquet flooring can take more than a weekend (depending on the size of the space), so if you want to save the time and the means – choose materials such as laminate or carpet.

Get embedded look

Make extra space for a short time by setting the simple bookshelves and decorations you can make yourself. Try using closed cabinet or open shelves as a combination, depending on the space and layout that suits you.

Dimming the lights

Lights Snubbers will create an atmosphere in the your dining room as in the elegant restaurant.


Use energy-saving windows

If you have windows that are placed on the north side and you are faced the cold winds, rain, snow, replace them with quality thermo pane windows – believe, will reduce consumption of heating elements greatly, and will also increase the heat in the home.

Restore the protective kitchen tiles

Are you tired from the standard plain tiles? Refresh the atmosphere in the your kitchen with new ceramic or glass tiles above the sink. Just make sure the wall is secured before you start with the installation.

Lighten the kitchen

Lighten the kitchen with fresh lighting elements. Replacing existing lamps is the simplest option, rather than adding additional lights. If you would not like to invest in the modern and expensive new bulbs – visit the closest antique shop, you will find interesting and cheap bulbs.

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