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Interesting Ideas for Home with Synthetic Resin

Synthetic Resin

Synthetic resins is sold in various colors and is easy for processing. From the resin you can make various small items that can be used in the home. If you possess a different matrix forms, you can easily make colorful buttons or forms that can be used as objects in the rooms. Do not forget when working with synthetic resins to use rubber gloves for protection.

Here are some useful advice’s how to use resin to make small interesting items for the home. For the projects is used a mixture of equal parts of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. You can add glitter and small items inside the mixture to amplify the effect. Work in the room with good ventilation, preferably with mask on the face.

Colored Buttons

Pour the mixture of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener in molds for buttons. If you do not have such molds, then you can use ordinary forms but you need to make extra holes in them while the mixture is still not completely solid. You can add acrylic paint in desired colors and glitter, and mix them with a toothpick. Wait at least 24 hours to harden the mixture and remove them from the molds. You can use this colored buttons to decorate curtains and things in the rooms.

Accessories for napkins

Make a mixture of resin and hardener, and add to it some acrylic paint in the colors that match the colors of the napkins. Pour the mixture into molds and wait for the resin to harden completely, for at least 24 hours.

Decorative thumbtacks

Use a mixture of hardener, resin and acrylic paint to produce shapes of thumbtacks. You can wait for the resin to harden completely and pinch the upper part of thumbtacks with silicone.

Decorative handles for drawers

Instead of buying expensive decorative handles for the cabinets in the room, make them with your own hands with a synthetic resin. For making handles you can use long screws or remove the old handles and use only the base.

As a molds you can use lenses containers. Insert a metal screw in the center of the form, so that it stands vertically. If you want the screw does not distort, insert it 20 minutes later. Wait for the mixture to tighten, at least for 24 hours.

Another variation of this technique is for the handle of the door of the room. Ordinary metal handle you can decorate with colored paper and metal form. Cut a piece from decorative paper, which is the size of the surface of the handle. Put the paper on the handle and apply on her decoupage glue. Wait to dry and apply on the top desired form. Place the handle horizontally, to not distort the shape of the resin. Start pouring the mixture of resin and hardener on the recessed part of the door handle.

Weight for paper

Make an interesting weight for papers that you can put on your work desk or to design for gift. The shape may be different and the contents may vary. The most interesting is to make it transparent and to put some small items in the mixture. You can add glitter, acrylic paint, dried flowers, and even beans of coffee. As a molds you can use small bowls. Pour the mixture of resin and hardener in the bowl. Before the resin has hardened, insert with toothpick few dry flowers or other desired decorative things. With a toothpick stir the mixture well to distribute the contents evenly. Wait at least 24 hours to toughen the mixture well before removing it from the form.