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Interior Decorating Tips – Cheap but Effective


Interior Decorating Tips

If you feel that your home is somehow boring and uninteresting, it’s time to bring some changes to refresh it. For this purpose it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, because it is quite possible to transform your home with available materials or customize the decor with your own efforts. All you need is imagination and to have some free time. For this purpose we have selected 9 cheap but effective Interior Decorating Tips.

Gallery of empty picture frames on the wall

Paint the wall with black matte paint and decorate it with large empty white photo frames with different designs. This will achieve a stylish and very spectacular result.

Place the magnetic blackboard in the kitchen

Refresh the kitchen and dining room with a magnetic blackboard. This idea is quite modern and attractive. At the same time is very helpful because you can leave notes or to records what needs to be bought from the shop, and children will be able to paint.

Refresh the dining room with mirrors

Place the several mirrors horizontally on the wall in the dining room to upgrade the room visually and create energy.

Decoration with candles

Decoration with candles is always a good idea because it gives charm and warmth to any room. Unleash your imagination and put in a glass bowl a few candles. Then add whatever you want: seasonal decorations, festive ornaments, decoration of nautical theme – the possibilities are endless.

Unique book table

Side table with books and thick magazines achieves a unique effect. It will surprise guests and will add style and character of the room.

Playful idea for accent wall

If you have at home a colorful cloth, do not hesitate to hang it on the wall. It will immediately create dynamics, will breathe life into the room and give it a cheery atmosphere.

Old ladder as unique decorative element in the corridor

Put an old ladder in the corridor and decorate it with lights. This will make the Scandinavian interior more beautiful.

Unexpected color with pillows and blankets

There is no better and easier way to refresh the room by adding a few colorful decorative pillows and blankets. Colour brings energy and makes the space to “live”.

Homemade headboard of pallet

The appearance of the bed will be radically changed if you add a headboard. It will create a great vintage atmosphere.

image credit to francescagino.us

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