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Kitchen Design with Green Accents


In this article will focus on the color green in the kitchen design, for another temptation in the kitchen, giving positive emotions and calming hot passions and emotions. Since ancient times, and today, green color is seen as a symbol of life, naturalness and harmony. Lightweight and unobtrusive, it surrounds us with peace and comfort, bringing a sense of freshness and security.

Green color in the interior of the kitchen is one of the best options for creating an atmosphere to relax after a hard day or to “recharge your batteries” and to create positive emotions. If you decide to bring into the interior of the kitchen green shades you should not immediately run to the nearest store and to pick from the shelves everything that is green: bowls, vases, curtains and anything else you can think of! Because in the construction of a “green line” in the interior of the kitchen you must approach carefully and gently. In this way your kitchen will not look like messy room. To avoid this picture, you should keep in mind that green is an appropriate solution for walls or kitchen equipment color, but not both!

Green accents suit the kitchens in almost all other colors. Green successfully combines with black, white, pastel tones, with warm yellow or orange, and even with blue and royal purple. But above all, it is particularly important the colors to be well dosed.

In our gallery you can see a small part of the endless possibilities for the application of this color in the decoration or the basic concept for kitchens. I would not be surprised if any of this ideas make you a fan of the cause “to get Green in kitchen design!”

image credit to evtiel.com

image credit to decosee.com

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