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Kitchen Lighting Advices


The kitchen is a space that is used by all family members for their daily needs such as cooking, eating, socializing or resting. Because of these differences, kitchen lighting is an important factor in any kitchen, and should therefore be divided into three main zones to meet all the parameters: efficiency, comfort and atmosphere.

First zone: working lighting

All the places where we prepare food, cook and clean should be well and directly lighted. The recommendation is to install lights under kitchen cabinets in order to have better lighting on the worktops and sink. Type of lighting: energy saving lights or even better LED tubes (instead of old fluorescent).

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Second zone: general lighting

Although we term the main, does not have to be. It is the lighting that serves to illuminate the entire kitchen, but it is often not enough when doing something, therefore we use and additional, the working lights. General lighting is often used to illuminate the dining table, if the same is located in the kitchen. Type of lighting: chandeliers or hanging suspension lights with energy-saving lamps or ceiling lights.

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Third zone: decorative lighting

Although there is no crucial importance in the preparation of food and even in consumption the same, decorative lighting has its function especially in those areas where the kitchen connected with dining room and living room. Type of lighting: LED strips or ceiling mounting lamp with smaller power.

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image credit to kitchen-design-ideas.org

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