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Make Your Own Wine Gift Bags


There is no need for buying a Wine Gift Bags. You can make them by yourself in a couple of steps. Here are a few ideas. If you liked this article, please share it!

Wine Gift Bags of jute

You’ll need a piece of material from jute bag. Cut it by creating a pouch in which can fit a bottle of wine and sew with a needle and thread or sewing machines. The white pattern you can make by inscribing with white color. You can first draw ornaments as desired by wooden pen and over that cross with color and brush or left undecorated. Place the bottle in the bag and tie with the rope to which you can attach a mini bells or New Year’s decorations.

image credit to mom4real.com

Wine Gift Bags of sleeve of a shirt

Making a bag of sleeve of a shirt is very simple. Of course, it is recommended to use preserved or new shirt. Just cut off the sleeve and sew it at the bottom. Decorate with decorative cufflinks.

Wine Gift Bags of felt

From a piece of felt cut a bigger strip. Put a bottle of wine, then fold to see how much space will occupy the bottom. Make a circular hole at the top of the bag, sew the ends (but not completely, in order the bottle can stand upright). Decorate with flowers if desired.

image and instructions via bystephanielynn.com

Wine Gift Bags of Jeans

Cut the trouser leg of jeans. Sew it and treat to looks like a bag. Remove the pants pocket and sew it to the bag. Put the wine and all tie with decorative ribbon. Just simply.

image and instructions via cathiefilian.blogspot.com

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