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Modern Living Room with Fireplace Design


Living Room with Fireplace Design

Are you lucky enough to have a living room with fireplace? Do you have a desire to decorate for each season? Or made the focal point for the beautiful room? It’s easy to make a fireplace that looks traditional and boring, but it’s also easy to create a sleek, contemporary space that will suit the rest of your home. See some of the ideas we have for the modern living room with fireplace design and hope you find inspiration for your space.

Eclectic and contemporary

The design of this area is incredible. Mix and match of patterns and small outbursts of interesting colors only enrich this room. The slope of the wall and clean and sleek fireplace are not only functional but the fireplace acts as a work of art on the wall. Parts with the brick have got textural effect for more eclecticism and attractions.

image credit to houzz.com

Smooth and traditional

Colors are comfortable, wooden panels held traditional appearance of the room whilst simultaneously creating a modern and contemporary style.
Fireplace does not take a lot of space, rather hidden in a small niche while providing transmits a lot of comfortable and home vibration. Chocolate brown panels create a lovely and light focal point while the rest of the room looks soft and relaxed.

Youthful and trendy

Fireplace is located on the wall who is the focus of the entire space. It is smooth and in creamy color and an artistic way to create a functional piece. The horizontal opening of the fireplace is a unique and smooth and gives a bit of modern charms of the space. Yellow chairs brings color into the space as well as the carpet which is creamy.

The unexpected and interesting

You can always try something outside the standards. Part of modern style is the way to mix the old and new to create something that is yours. Modern furniture, rustic interior and medieval fireplace are combined in order to got the original space. Muted colors adds feelings of pure pallets and large pieces such as fireplaces are decor itself.

Fresh and surprising

This whole area is used strategically. The wall on the corner has become a piece that is interesting and a great way to set the fireplace. Lined with stone it gives a comfortable atmosphere in a spacious, airy living room. Such fireplace design is so amazing that your guests will be surprised when they see it.

image credit to bestbuilders.ca

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