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Projects for Decorating Serving Trays


Serving Trays

Pleasure to serve you breakfast in bed can not be compared with anything else. However, the experience can become more enjoyable if you add a beautiful serving tray. Most serving trays are pretty plain and boring, but if you wish, you can turn them into beautiful decorative items. In this article will present you few examples.

Serving tray with image

For this project you need wooden tray, pyrography and beautiful image of a bird or something else of your choice. Stick the picture on the tray with duct tape and using pyrography go around the outline so to mark them on the tray. Remove the picture and repeat drawing the outlines with pyrography, so to get more solid and clear outline.

Refresh old tray

For this project you need old tray, primer, paint, colored paper, scissors, duct tape and a few cups. Priming the tray, then apply two layers of paint. Cut out a few circles and triangles of colored paper and form trees with them. After preparing the composition, stick the individual pieces with glue on the tray and apply two layers of lacquer for tree.

image via http://housedesignnewsworld.blogspot.com/

Tray with mosaic of glass

For this project you need old tray, tile adhesive, grout, pieces of colored glass, notched trowel, rubber spatula and sponge.

Tray with letters of scrabble game

For this project you need tray, old game Scrabble, adhesives and resins. Clean well the surface of the tray, apply a layer of glue, then place the letters of scrabble game. Allow to dry for a day. Pour the melted resin on the letters to cover them well and fill all the empty spaces on the bottom of the tray.

instructions via http://junkmailgemsblog.blogspot.com/

Tray with corks

For this project you need tray, corks, glue and black paint. Paint the tray with black paint and let dry. Arrange the corks so that they cover the bottom of the tray to the desired composition. Do not start to glue them until you achieve the desired result. Once you decide how you want to be deployed corks you can paste one by one to the bottom of the tray.

image via 21rosemarylane.com

image via http://madcapfrenzy.blogspot.com/

image via onceamonth4ladies.com

Tray – blackboard

For this project you need porcelain tray, paint tape, blackboard paint, brush with a soft bristle, oven. Clean tray and leave to dry. Paste the side edges with duct tape. Apply the paint with a soft brush. Allow to dry, then apply another layer of paint. Remove the protective tape. Allow to dry for 24 hours, then dry the tray in oven.

image via etenvolgensmij.com

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