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Projects for Original DIY Photo Frames


DIY Photo Frames

In this article will give you some ideas for handmade picture frames that might appeal to you or inspire you for your own projects.

Rustic picture frame with branches

This framework is very simple to make, and at the same time very effective. The materials that you need are: plain wooden photo frame, wood glue and a few thin branches. Cut branches of approximately equal length pieces, between 2 and 4 cm and glue them at the edges of the front portion of the frame. Try not to align the branches with each other in order to give a natural, rustic form of the frame.

Old window frame

 If you have recently replaced the old wooden windows with new, certainly you have some useless windows that can be turned into wonderful frames. You can leave the glass – it will protect the contents of the frame from possible damage or contamination, and the wooden part can be painted in color.

image credit to keepsonringing.wordpress.com

image via http://homedecoratinggallery.com/

image via http://rekindledstuff.wordpress.com/

image credit to bonniesiracusa.com

Frame with clipboard

This stylish frame can be made ​​of a simple plank of wood.

image via http://realitysandwiches.net/

image via thevagabondqueen.com

image via http://vintagegrey.net/

Filled Frame

In this kind of framework besides photo can also place some small objects such as if the picture is with a nautical theme, you can put different shells and scallops. We can immediately give you a few more ideas for interesting fillings like dried flowers, autumn leaves or mineral stones.

image credit and instructions via thefrugalhomemaker.com

Organic wooden framework

If you want to design a framework with organic form, this project you will like. You will need to find bigger dried tree branch. Cut four equal sized pieces and cut the edges so to be able to assemble them in a framework. Use glue to connect the pieces.

image via http://digital-debris.com/

image via http://digital-debris.com/

Old frame with new design

The old frame for photo or photos you can use in an unconventional way. You will need a few pins and some thread.

image via http://vintagegrey.net/

image via http://decor8blog.com/

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