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Rustic Designs in the Interior


Rustic Designs

We all recognize that the style of the old country house with its ease and simplicity gives a unique warm atmosphere in the home. The style that we can call the “rustic” fascinate us with several things. Especially with the natural comfort of natural wood from which is made simple-looking but comfortable furniture – chairs, tables, shelves, beds, kitchens. Decorative beams, wood panels, wood floors – there is no other material that brings such warmth and natural sounding in the atmosphere of the rooms.

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On racks and shelves in addition to fashionable accessories can shine decorated pots in the tone of the sky, the grass and the sun, clothing in the coffin to absorb the scent of pine resin, the rug in front of the bed to enchant us with woven colorful tales.

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image credit to abeautyhub.com

Special warmth literally and figuratively, bring the fabrics. The market offers modern versions of decorative textiles that can replace the originals and also bring uniqueness and originality in the interior of the home. Bundles of herbs, dried flowers or fresh flowers immersed in an old clay pot or a copper pot will add special charm and genuine romance in every home.

image credit to homedit.com

Photo Credit: Dan Hamm

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