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Scandinavian Design in the Interior

Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is an interesting phenomenon and example for an amazing success. How the designers living in one of the most isolated regions in Europe where the modesty is a virtue and the functionality primary care, who share different values, managed to create a style more than 60 years ago, which to this day has a remarkably modern overtones and again becomes basis of many new minimalist ideas?

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In the Nordic countries, where the climate is harsh and the days are short, where light is limited and highly valued, the home is not just a place to live but also a kind of refuge. For this reason, it must be optimized with its characteristics and, above all, to be functional. The analysts of Scandinavian design and lifestyle will say that the survival of the harsh Nordic climate requires that all objects and the entire design to be practical and functional. Therefore, the basic criterion for Scandinavian design is the concept every design to be functional, the products are of strong materials with high quality, easy to use, well proportionate, easy to fit in the interior, with clean minimalist lines and always attractive for eye.

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The wood, thanks to its three key characteristics – warmth, endurance and method of aging, is a favorite material of Scandinavians. The design, without exception, is always detailed and well designed, with fastidious precision finishing. Steel and aluminum are also equally represented and they were used especially by renowned designer Arne Jacobsen. Metals appearing as chrome, polished or silver. The designer Louis Poulsen is probably most responsible for popularization of this material with their famous PH-lamps. The designers also fit in the products materials such as skin, polyurethane foam and resin, which reflects the modernity of the movement.

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The using of one or more vintage pieces of furniture often entices positive emotions because the picture, except that sentimental reminiscent of different nice time, proves that the functionality of the old design not fades with the years, but a decades later works great and performs its role in contemporary spaces.

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In recent years, the success of Scandinavian design on the market is undisputed, from the furniture, lighting and ceramics to the entire way of interior designing. Hence, is not surprisingly that the Swedish major player on the market for furniture “Ikea” has been set as the leading brand for modern furniture and interior landscaping.

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