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Sloping Ceilings – Modern Approach to Classical Architecture


Sloping Ceilings

Like any other good idea in architecture and design, the sloping ceilings are classic architectural element that has stood the test of time. Today they are still beautiful and relevant, as they were decades ago. In this article you can find how the sloping ceilings are fit in modern interiors.

Whether it’s low loft or a spacious bedroom like this today sloping ceilings have much more complex forms than those in the past. They are incredibly powerful and characterized with unmatched aesthetics and a sense of comfort.

image credit to happymodern.ru

Skylights are a delightful addition to the sloping ceilings. Through them, the interior space is illuminated by spectacular natural lighting, and the atmosphere becomes lighter and fresher.

image credit to marondahomes.com

To create a feeling of warmth and coziness in a large and spacious rooms, excellent idea is using of low drop lights. This will create the illusion that the height of the room is smaller than it actually is.

The wide beam here creates a sense of a lower ceiling and thus increases the feeling of comfort. Windows located over the bar, imported into the interior optimum amount of natural light. This approach is extremely profitable and creates a bright, friendly and visually warm ambience.

image credit to archdaily.com

One of the advantages of sloping ceilings lies in the fact that two of the walls are higher. They become the perfect place to build a personal library with shelves along the entire height. A ladder can be functional addition, but also a wonderful accent to your decor.

Visible wooden beams in the construction of the ceiling are traditional architectural element. They create visual effect and give comfort to the interior.

The spacious rooms are really spectacular with high ceilings. Equally spectacular can be the small rooms. The wooden furniture and antique lamps complement the interior and give it warmth and comfort.

Wooden beams used for the construction of the ceiling may be combined with LED lighting and freckles. Thus the natural material will brings comfort and warmth, and lighting fixtures will give a contemporary design scene.

Beveled ceiling in white can be the perfect option when the flooring is in a dark tonality. The contrast will give a modern sound of the atmosphere and will balance the interior.

When the ceiling is high and beveled, the windows occupying the entire area of the wall and they have a whole new look. The natural wood combined with a superb glass emphasizes the unique character of the interior.

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