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Backyard DIY Fence

We are always here to give you some amazing ideas to decorate your space. For today, I have a collection of 11 Interesting Backyard DIY Fence Ideas. Are you excited?

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Fence can take up a lot of space and can cost a lot. But, we are always here to give you some cheap alternatives that you can make easily and quickly and save some money. The projects that you will see in a short will not only protect your property, but add life to your space and make it more unique and charming. So, let’s check them out and get inspired. You may find them interesting and try them out who knows. Enjoy and have fun!


image via www.flickr.com

Use parts of old cars, trucks, bikes and other types of vehicles to make your own creative and eye-catching fence. Nowadays, the rusted yard decors are very popular, so don’t be afraid of incorporating rusted wheel fence too. As you can already notice, you can turn any part of the bike in fantastic fence design.




image via www.flickr.com


Wattle material is very popular, interesting and inexpensive option not only for fencing, but for making privacy screens, garden walls or raised bed planters. Pallets are also inexpensive and can be perfect yard decor too. Paint them in some bold color for more interesting and fun backyard look. You can do the same with the doors and the shutters if you think they are ugly and dull.



image via www.houzz.com


image via www.designrulz.com

I truly hope that I have woke up your creativity and you will try one of these fence ideas soon. I really like the way old doors and shutters are reused and I can’t decide which one to make first. What about you? Which idea is your favorite and would you like to have in your backyard? Would you like to have a fence design made of vehicle parts, doors or shutters, or you will go with pallets? I would love to know your opinion, so please share your comments with me. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Design & DIY Magazine to find many other DIY projects that you can do in your free time.

Illuminated Planters

The lighting is one more feature that can add up to the whole decor of the outdoor space. When it is properly applied, it can make the space look more cozy and inviting. And you will of course be able to spend some time over there during the summer nights. There are versatile lighting features that you can add up into your backyard and one of them can be to add some illuminated planters.

Illuminated planters, or also known as glow in the dark planters can give a romantic look to your backyard. They can be found in versatile sizes and shapes and you can set them anywhere you want. For instance, if there is some staircase in your backyard, you can place such planters on each step. Or if you have a pool over there, you can set several such planters around the pool area. Below, we have chosen versatile backyards decorated with illuminated planters. Check them out and get inspired to add some such planters into your backyard too. Enjoy!

Eye-Catching Illuminated Planters

Photo via: stagetecture.com

Photo via: founterior.com

Photo via: diyfunideas.com

Illuminated planters can be quite expensive and not everyone can afford to add many of them in their backyard. Luckily, there are always options of how to decorate the outdoors on budget and you can make one such planter on your own. Get a pot that you will like to see in your backyard and spray paint it with a glow in the dark paint. The paint will absorb the sunlight during the day and will glow at night.

Photo via: archzine.net

Photo via: archzine.net

Photo via: diynetwork.com

Photo via: hhomedesign.com

Photo via: archzine.net

These planters can have LED lights included. They can either be with one color, or can change the color from time to time creating a magical look to the backyard. Here are several such backyard decorations with colorful illuminated planters.

Photo via: thestar.com

Photo via: gardeners.com

Photo via: gardeners.com

Photo via: gardeners.com

Photo via: envirogadget.com

Adding some illuminated planters to your backyard is one option to bring some light to the outdoors. Whether you add a single one or maybe several of them, you will for sure create a romantic look to your backyard. Tell us in the comments which one from the above ideas did you like the best. And of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Design & DIY Magazine to find many other decoration ideas for your outdoor space.

Summer Garden Ideas

During the summer season the garden is becoming one of the most pleasant places to spend free time. Here you can enjoy your morning coffee, lunch, lounge and who knows what else. In this article you can find some very creative summer garden ideas about how to make the garden space more comfortable and enjoyable.

Swing for the garden

If in the garden you have a big tree with strong branches, instead of the traditional bench you could hang a wooden swing. To make it more comfortable insert a soft blanket and some decorative pillows. So you will have swing and the tree will provide dappled shade in the summer heat.

Outside dining

The old table and chairs you can transform into a wonderful outdoor dining using plain white cotton tablecloth. Decorate the table with fresh garden flowers and serve the food  in a porcelain.

Use buckets instead of pots

The old buckets can become perfect pots for your garden. They can be painted or in its authentic form. Before you plant a plant do not forget to drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket to drain unnecessary water.

Fountain in the garden

Make a ball fountain of stainless steel and locate in the center of the garden.

Shelves on the tree

Use the shade of a tree to store food and drink when you eat out. Look for new white boxes or paint old ones and install them as shelves in the tree.

Use rocking chair for the garden

Make yourself comfortable in an old rocking chair with soft pillows, admire the wildflowers, or read a good book. Ordinary crate can become a makeshift coffee table.

Garden box for the salads

This wooden, painted and raised high box is ideal for planting lettuce or herbs. Plant as lettuce and herbs to extend the period of use of the box throughout the season.

image credit to econet.ua

Colorful garden platform

Bring color to the wooden platform on the terrace, with painted wooden furniture in bright blue.

Baskets with spices for your garden

A few nice baskets would be perfect for growing lettuce and herbs. Place them on an external table near the kitchen door, so you can easily reach them.

Chandelier with tea candles

After dark, light the tea candles of rusted metal chandelier decorated with beautiful roses. Hang it over a table with juicy berries in white baskets. This is one of a greatest summer garden ideas.

Garden path is a irresistible invitation for a walk in the fresh air, without leaving the boundaries of the yard. In fact, well-designed paths enable to slow down the pace and viewing around. Here are a few ideas that will help you to create a wonderful garden path.

Garden path with stone walls

Around the smoothly curving path of gravel can be built a low wall of stone.

The forest path

The feet of round stones will serve as a beautiful trail, especially when on both sides is planted vegetation. Such a narrow path is a great way to bring magical element in the yard.

Path surrounded by river stones

Meandering path of paving stones, surrounded by beautiful river stones, is an interesting view and certainly makes the garden look original and very natural.

image credit to gardenpathways.org

Steps covered with grass

The steps can be covered with a carpet of green grass, it is better to choose one that does not require major maintenance and mowing.

image credit to houzz.com

Meandering paths of gravel

Winding paths can make a garden to look bigger. Reinforce this effect by planting smaller plants in its beginning and higher species or trees in the end.

image credit to accentongranite.com

Garden path surrounded by trees

If you have a large yard, you might consider a path designed for walking. It is possible to cover it with gravel to make a curb, and planting trees on both sides.

image credit to housetohome.co.uk

Path with stones on which you can walk

Of grass-covered yard you can make a narrow path of stones on which you can walk. It is good to have stones in different sizes and not placed close to each other. This will create a more relaxed and casual look.

image credit to rsgardendesign.co.uk

A modern garden path

Complete the modern architecture by repeating lines and shapes of the building in the path beside her. In order to create a geometric effect you can use rectangular tiles of concrete around which are placed pebbles.

image credit to homedit.com

Japanese garden

The stones serving as steps and small bridge invites for a walk and getting to know the garden in the Japanese style. River stones under the bridge resemble on water and the large stones on the islands.


Cobblestone is a great way to create the impression that there is a garden for many years, even if you created it relatively soon.

Designing of garden seating places depends primarily on the prior sketched design of the garden and yard. For the same purpose can serve asymmetrical, circular and semicircular curved surfaces and surface edges, like a geometric rectangular and square shapes. The material for the production of furniture and its design also depend on the concept of the garden and yard and home decorating style.

Central sitting area is designed according to the number of potential users. In the larger gardens can be, according to the wishes of the yard owners, arranged more than one seating. Various interests of individual family members justify setting up more seats with a coherent division of garden and yard.

image credit to jhps-gardens.co.uk

image credit to woodcraftuk.co.uk

image credit to telegraph.co.uk

Another seating area can be placed in the rear, for example, peripheral areas of the garden. It is recommended the sunny home terrace supplement with the colder shady place to sit on the opposite side of the garden. From there the view will be on the back of the house and garden from a new perspective. Especially intense experience allow gardens with seating areas near water. Trees that blooms late, like walnuts, is particularly appropriate for warm, spring seating.

image credit to luxury-homestore.com

image credit to shootgardening.co.uk

Size of seating space will depend on:

  • Number of family members and the number of expected guests of various events and celebrations
  • The size of the house
  • The size of the garden
  • Planned purposes of space, such as setting up garden furniture, flower pots, etc..

image credit to gardenshow.com

In paving of seating area are generally used the same material as in the design of paths. Shops for construction materials offer a variety of samples of materials that are worthwhile to review while still you are planning. That provides a good comparison of the structure and color of individual stones and their prices.

Creation of a harmonious environment in the garden largely depends on your ideas as well as how much you are well prepared and organized before you renovated the garden or yard. Most of the garden designs that you can see in the photos that we present are the result of dedicated work on the project for the garden and very careful designing the future look of the gardens.

Before accessing the construction certainly consider which materials you will use and also decide for furniture that you will use in your garden. Lighting is also very important to create a relaxed atmosphere – the dim light will create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for a dinner for two or socializing with friends.

image credit to designrulz.com

image credit to seegardens.com

image credit to gardenaccessories.net

image credit to houselighting.org

image credit to houzz.com

image credit to gardenbuilders.co.uk

image credit to johnwilsongardens.co.uk

image credit to appletreegardendesigns.co.uk

image credit to eyre-design.co.uk

image credit to olive-landscaping.co.uk

image credit to johnwoodgardendesign.co.uk

image credit to gardenbuilders.co.uk

image credit to trickpod.net

image credit to lawn.homexgarden.com

The path is an essential part of every garden, not only because it enriches the landscape and beautify the decor, but also for practical reasons. Originally, the purpose of garden paths was to allow movement through the garden and prevent damage to the lawn. Later have become a decorative element that attracts the attention of designers.

Garden Paths Design and Walkways

There are many interesting design solutions for garden paths, from simple and modern to sophisticated and elegant. The garden path can be designed as part of the unique design of the house or as a separate entity, that add to the garden texture and color. You can choose different types of design: from garden paths with clean, geometric lines, to those with finely rounded lines, with combination of different materials.

Paths composed of irregularly shaped stones look very charming because they emphasized natural charm and fit into the landscape.Of course, the stone is not the only material: wood is also a good choice or, for example, glass, sand and many other types of materials.

image via houzz.com

image via bigbobz.com

image via http://mostbeautifulgardens.com

image via http://thewhoot.com.au/

image via shelterness.com

image via instructables.com

image via http://greenartlandscapesireland.blogspot.com/


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