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Creative Recycling

When you want to make some changes at home, or you need a little space to store things, but do not know how – you just need a little creativity. Here some ways how to recycle the old things that you don’t use and to make some new usable things. Take a look and use some idea in your home. Will surely inspire you to invent your own ways of recycling.

Creative Recycling

We are constantly witnessing the destruction of the environment. The waste mass increases and create more and more landfills. Can we do something about this problem? Sure we can with constantly recycling. There are many creative ways for recycling unusable items. You only need a little work and a lot of ideas. In this article you can see what can be done with a little creativity.

Do not dispose of old grater. From them you can make interesting chandeliers for your home or garden.

image via webdiscover.ru

The old rake you can use as a stand for wine glasses.

Old music CD’s you can cut and paste on an old fruit bowl. You will get a fantastic result.

If you want creative lamp for your home, you can do with plastic spoons and plastic bottle.

You can use old tires and make perfect stool.

image and instructions via handimania.com

Old guitar can be used as shelves for the memories of teenage years.

image via theartofupcycling.com

The old forks you can use as hangers.

From old ladders you can make bookshelves for your living room.

image via diy-enthusiasts.com

Old wooden ladder can give an authentic look to your living room. Just fasten it to the wall and you will get authentic shelf for your books.

image via pulowerek.pl

The old wooden chairs you can use in creative ways.

 Children’s tennis rackets you can use to make a perfect room mirrors.

image via viahouse.com

Do not dispose of old iron funnels. You can use them as candle holders.


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