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Most people do not even notice the light switches, but that does not mean they should ignore them in decorating the rooms of their home. They are a small detail that can, however, become a remarkable accent to your decor. Here are a few ideas for light switch decorations. Enjoy!!!

Backs of the books

If you have a home library would be a shame to spoil the interior of this space with an ordinary light switch. You can use the backs of books to decorate it appropriately. Depending on the size of the switch, use 2 or 3 backs, cut them with a knife to get equal parts and stick them on top of the switch.

Picture frame

Insert the key into the picture frame. This is one of the easiest and cheapest option. What you need is an old picture frame and some glue to stick it to the key. If the frame is larger than the cover of the switch, do not worry, just use a nail to put it on the wall.


Who does not love to travel? Many of us dream to visit one or more parts of the world. Why not share your dreams with your guests by pasting a map of this place on the light switch.

Midi and scallops

Bring a little summer freshness in the interior of your home using sand, mussels and scallops. Remove the key and smear glue. Glue the items, then sprinkle with sand. Wait a few hours for the glue to dry and replace the lid in place.

Figures from Polymer Clay

In this project, you can include and Your Kids – will be surprised how creative they can be. Just frame the pieces and glue them to the light switch.


This is another inexpensive way to decorate. Try to draw something abstract. Use colors that are already present in the room, in one form or another.

Knitted decoration

Cover the cap with knitting. If you can not knit, you can use a piece of an old sweater you no longer wear and just collecting dust in the closet.

Decorative Stickers

You can vary the design of the light switches with sticking interesting stickers on them or on the wall next to them.

Reminder notes

You can find these sticky notes with a hole in the middle in bookstores. They are specifically made to be glued to the light switch and will help you to remember.

image credit to ebay.com


You can decorate light switches by pasting them on small pieces of ceramic tiles or colored glass mosaic imitating.


This project may seem difficult, but it is not – you only need to drill three holes –  two round for the screws and a rectangular for the switch on a small plane from Lego. The rest is child’s play.

Quote from a book

You may use a quote from your favorite book or something you believe. It will be interesting for your guests to know more about you and your beliefs.

image credit to followpics.co

DIY Wooden Headboard

Bedroom is a private space where you want to take a rest. The main place in the bedroom belongs to the bed. The bed is for sleeping, reading books, browsing magazines, surfing the internet. Problems arise if there is no bed headboard and we rely the pillows on the wall. With that we gradually wipes the background. If your bed has no headboard do not despair, try to do it yourself with the wooden material that will give your bedroom a rustic look. Take a look to this fantastic wooden headboards ideas and inspire yourself.

image credit to decoist.com












image credit to decosee.com

image credit to ninjacam.com

image credit to oldworldgardenfarms.com

image credit to sarahbinteriors.com

image credit to sarahbinteriors.com

The cables from your computer, TV and other electrical devices are often seen as disadvantage that we are trying to hide. But there are many details that you can use to make “do it yourself” project to design and organize the cables in a creative way. Look at these cable organizer photos, see what they’re talking about and do something interesting with your cables.

image via mainfun.ru

image via technowinki.onet.pl

image via remodelista.com

image via homenino.ru

image via homenino.ru

image via homenino.ru

image via gmtproperty.com

The place reserved for the book that you are reading before bedtime, your phone and all those things that you need before bedtime or right after you wake up is a modest, but definitely an important part of your furniture. But instead of using classic (and a little bit boring) variant of side tables, you can make this little convenient corner more feminine and playfully.

Use an old barrel as side table

Find an old barrel and with a little paint and imagination and turn it in barrel of Chanel 5 perfume. You can decorate it with a lamp and a framed picture, or something that reflects your character.

New purpose for old chair

It is a cool idea to have an old chair beside your bed. You can paint it, or just to restore the shine and then decorate it with your favorite magazines, books and of course reading lamp.

The drums can be used for more than playing

If you think you’ve seen everything, imagine an old drum to your bed. Perhaps it is not so easy to find an old drum, but if you find then use it and make a piece of furniture of your taste.

Find a new purpose for the old chair

If you want a minimalist style, this option may be appropriate for you.

Transformation of old suitcases in side table

If you love vintage style there is nothing better than creative coffee table made ​​of old suitcases.

Functional staircases as side table

Maybe the old wobbly ladders you can not use for their original purpose, but of course you can use them for something creative. They can be excellent detail, especially because on every stair you can put something else.

The old casket as night table

Wood is a natural material and is great for home furniture. But, usually the pieces of wood are very expensive. We suggest you to enter the wooden elements in your home in a DIY version. Proposals that we found will surely delight you, especially when you see how easy it is to make.

Shelves of wooden crates

image via czytajniepytaj.pl

Drawer for postcards

image via calderclark.com

Wood and metal for hanging jewelry

image and instructions via stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Shelves for working space

imag via scandifoodie.blogspot.com.au

Shelves in living room

Before and after table

image and instructions via matsutakeblog.blogspot.com

Shelves from ladder

image and instructions via lushome.com

New table from barstools

image and instructions via shanty-2-chic.com

Shoe rack

image via diyroundup.blogspot.com

Shelves for bathroom

image via acutedesigns.blogspot.com

The closet in the kitchen

image and instructions via lushome.com

From old to new cabinet

image via bellemaison23.com

Hanging shelves for flowers

image via viviendodiferente.mx

From old to new commode

image and instructions via centsationalgirl.com

The space under the stairs should not be neglected. With the right approach it can significantly increase the area of the room, or make a separate room with function: pantry, kitchen, office, library, home workshop.

If you decide to use efficiently the space under the stairs, you will need to do the same style with the rest of the interior of the room: choose the same color for the wall. As a result, the area under the stairs, even a warehouse, will be an integral part of the interior of the house.

It is important pay attention how the stairs are set. Depending on this, the space underneath can be left open to expansion the room or to be closed. If the space is enclosed by wood paneling, remove them.










Nowadays, many people are trying to decorate their homes, so that the home environment is significantly different from the empty home environment. That is why decorating with natural materials is so popular now.

Interiors decorated with natural materials, are giving a sense of freshness and unity with nature. Nowadays, decorating with natural materials is one of the most popular contemporary styles. In the ecological style are used wood, stone, clay, glass and fabrics made ​​from natural materials.

If you want to enter some details from the nature, do it in your home. Instead of a classic coffee table use a stump of wood and set it as a coffee table or instead pictures use logs on the wall. Look at our suggestions and try this DIY using ideas with natural materials.











source and instructions

Clothespins are things that you always have at home and you can use to make anything and everything in a very easy and creative way. We found several DIY Ideas with Clothespins, you just prepare clothespins and include your children’s for complete fun. Choose what you like the most and get to work!!!

Vase for flowers

This holder for vase is made from tin cans by which in the form of fence are arranged clothespins. It is easy and nice.

image and instructions via shelterness.com

Dragonflies from clothespins

These cute dragonflies can be used for hanging children’s works. Let your children’s make them together with you, they will be very proud.

image and instructions via firstpalette.com

Holders for images

With the help of a little rope and clothespins you can expose your photos in an interesting way.

image via wenderful.com

A toy Pacman

image via estefimachado.com.br

Fancy memo board

For this elegant board for which you need a frame, a bit of rope and sweet clothespins.

image and instructions via morningcreativity.com

Image with clothespin

This project will be really fun for your children. Dip the clothespins in the paint and make a seals. You will get the picture that you can very proudly hang on the wall.

image via easypeasypie.blogspot.com

Cars of clothespins and buttons

Make a car of clothespins with wheels of buttons. Be creative and you will get a whole new collection.

image via almostunschoolers.blogspot.com

Little men of clothespins and wool

You need a new doll for play? Dress your tongs with wool in the color.

image and instructions via blitsycrafts.com

Dog from clothespins


image via spoonful.com

Kissing Clothespin Couples 

image via lilyshop.com

Ornament for a gift

This decoration is easier to make than a bow! You need a bit of glow, a detail that you paint of your choice and a little glue! And it looks great.

image via creaturecomfortsblog.com

Jewelry from the mechanism of clothespins

Here’s one way to take advantage of mechanisms of clothespins. From this mechanisms you can make wonderful necklaces.

image via usefuldiy.com

Clothespins Butterfly

image via bfranklincrafts.blogspot.com

Furniture made ​​from 100% recycled materials, cardboard and other paper types, is a revolutionary invention and helps to develop ecological awareness as well as to protect the environment. Despite of the ecological and practical character, this furniture is a cost effective option to all strata of society and is very simple and easy to make. The idea to use cardboard for making furniture for the home has become increasingly popular in recent decades because of its durability, stability and availability.

To create ecological recycled furniture you don’t need any special tools other than those which you already have at home. The only drawback of this type of furniture is that must not come into contact with water or moisture. This problem can be solved with protective coating against moisture. Stability and durability of such furniture can be provided by using of chipboard below the surface of a table or chair. After using, the cardboard furniture you can simply and easily disassemble and deliver the cardboard for recycling.

How to Make Recycled Cardboard Furniture

From carton you can make a bed, chair, table, shelves, small decorative details, such as picture frames, laptop holders, cup, glass, lamp, chandelier, etc., knowing that this material can withstand heavy stuff. In this article we will present you a few ideas how to make recycled cardboard furniture.

The chair of the roll of paper Conolounge

The chair of the roll of paper is a work of Chilean design studio Onceneto in cooperation with the newspaper La Tercera. The chair is made ​​of cardboard tubes, ie rolls of printing paper for printing newspapers. These rolls are strong enough that they can withstand the load. They are connected with a metal part which gives them extra stability.


image via apresfurniture.co.uk

The bed made from cardboard

This cardboard bed is made by Australian company for cardboard production. The bed is so sturdy that it can withstand the weight of 22 man. This bed can easily and quickly be converted from a single in a double bed. As part of the bed are appropriate cardboard drawers and the bedside table.


image via kartongroup.com.au

Table and chairs for children’s room

Drawing Table and chairs for sitting for children’s room also you can make from cardboard. They are strong and at the same time fun. Also kids can draw and write on them.

image via founterior.com

Few more examples of cardboard furniture

image via founterior.com

image via decobizz.com

image via nobswall.com

image via 45walldesign.blogspot.com.es

image via ikatbag.com

image via davidgraas.com

image via davidgraas.com

Tree Stumps as Interior Decoration

In this article will present some ideas how you can use tree stumps in interior decoration for your home. Tree stumps as a coffee table, stool, shelf, rack of flowers, a tray … Literally you can use tree stumps for all kind of home decoration. We found a couple of ideas how to use them, it is your decision what kind of decor you will choose.

image via http://popsa.biz/

image via craftsy.com

image and instructions via abeautifulmess.com

image via clockhouse-furniture.co.uk

image credit to vitamin-ha

image via http://glitterinc.com/

image credit to ihomedecoration.com

image credit to avso.org


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