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DIY Pebble Paths

Hey there!!! We are always here to give you some amazing ideas to decorate your interior and outdoor living space. I searched the Net for some ideas, and what I found were these 10 Awesome Pebble Paths You Would Love to Have in Your Yard. Are you excited?

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Beach or river pebbles are great natural material for for backyard landscaping. They can add a natural feel, astonishing accents and peasant color combinations to your space. I also need to mention that they are available in various colors and shapes that allow to express your imagination and create charming path.

So, let’s take a look at the gallery and get inspired. You may find pebble paths that will catch your attention, who knows. Enjoy and have fun!

Why Pebbles?

Stone pebbles can add natural colors and tranquility to your backyard landscaping and make gardens shine. From contemporary to classic, here you can find a path that can add charming accent to Mexican gardens, enhance European gardens or enrich Japanese gardens. By decorating your ordinary path with pebbles, you will give a final touch to your space and attractive and finished look.

Instead of throwing your money away on expensive pathway designs, you can use your creativity and make garden edging and other yard decorations as well. However, the pathways are very important, because they give the space organization, and lead visitors throughout the yard.

image via www.123rf.com

image via www.bhg.com

You can mix rocks and pebbles with other materials, like wooden pallets, boards, etc, and personalize your space. Choose the design you like the most, add structure, color and texture to your yard and enjoy the beautiful days outdoors.

image via livedan330.com

So, which one from the above DIY Pebble Paths you would love to do and thus brighten up your backyard? Tell us in the comments and also let us know if you have any other idea of Pebble Paths. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Design & DIY Magazine to find many other DIY projects that you can do in your free time.

DIY Garden Projects

Spring is time when we want most of the time to spend out in the garden. But for enjoying in the garden we need to make some improvements and designs. For fans of DIY, DIY projects for the garden outdoors are really fun and interesting. Today I want to share with you some interesting DIY garden projects. These projects fit for both small and large gardens.












Brighten up your yard and garden with simple additions of bricks. Decorate a part with flowers, add a track or “build” a barbecue and completely change the look of your garden. It will look not only neater but will create a true family oasis. Look at the proposals for garden ideas with bricks that we have selected and get to work. For detailed instructions making click on the links below the picture.

Make a fence around flowers

Use the bricks for simply fencing of flowers and a clear separation of grass.

image credit to gardeenworld.blogspot.com

Obliquely stacking the bricks

Here are a little different way to arrange the bricks and limiting  flower surfaces and paths.

Make paths in the garden

Separate your seedlings with paths of the bricks.

image credit to urbangardencasual.com

Make a small wall in the garden

This is another way to put a fence around the flowers by making low wall with bricks.

image credit to name5things.blogspot.com

Flowers in bricks

The bricks can be used in one for fencing of and planting.

image credit to valvalvoom.blogspot.com

Decorated space around the flowerpot

With bricks you can edit the the area around flower pot. Add some pebbles and small flower pots around larger.

image credit to thisoldhouse.com

Make garden bed of concrete bricks

From concrete bricks you can make a bed for your yard. Add pillows for comfort.

image credit to borganic.net

A bench from bricks

With the help of bricks and boards make this sweet bench.

image credit to generalshale.com

Barbecue from bricks

Every dad will enjoy a barbecue on such a masterpiece. Make it your own!

image credit to charlesandhudson.com

The furnace in the yard

This idea is more complex but beautiful and especially if you like pizza and bread baked in the oven.

image credit to ilgiardinodifastifloreali.blogspot.com


Several bricks and stones for contrast on a simple way will embellish your yard.

Flower pot

This is another way how to use concrete bricks for seedlings. Add a little color for refreshment. They are great for terraces.

image credit to modernlywed.com

A bench made of brick

Here is another simple way to make benches for outside.

image credit to theownerbuildernetwork.co

A lot of good things for your garden and terrace you can make alone with your own hands. Simple lamp on the wall, useful sprinklers, hanging flower pots and many nice and useful details that require a little creativity. View this gallery of 12 diy stuff and find an idea that will work and enjoy it.

Cans for candles

Simplicity of this idea simply delights. It is enough to cover a can with paper or cloth, tie with string and place inside a small candle.

Garden Sprinkler

Make yourself a sprinkler for your garden from plastic bottles and old pencils.

image via impressivemagazine.com

Stones beside the path

Brighten your garden path so that the end of the path decorate with stones in which you can optionally add and lamps.

image via deckdesignspictures.com

Garden path limited by bottles

If you love the simplicity and recycling for making garden paths or restricting the plants you can take advantage of the bottles.

image via flickr.com

Comfortable deckchair from pallets

Pallets can be used for projects for home and for garden. If you are skilled with a hammer, nails and paint try to make this sweet deckchair.

image via batona.net

Plants in the old wagon wheel

To make seedlings you can use old items.The old wagon wheel is fantastic for plants.

image via francotechnogap.com

Drawers on the wall

This is another example of the use of old furniture for plants. This drawers are also good for the terraces.

Light in the plants

The glasses can serve as candle holders. You can use those which are lower in order to keep the flame above the plants and use the appropriate candles that will keep insects away.

image via lovethispic.com

Palette for garden tool

Take the palette for making corners for tool and your garden will instantly look neater.

image via recupe-asso.fr

Lamps in cans

image via lawendowykot.pl

Cans instead trays

image via quoteko.com

Spiral garden


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