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DIY Outdoor Showers

In the summer, there is no more cool enjoyment than swimming in a pool. It is obvious that not all homeowners can afford such luxury and in addition to that, an outdoor shower can be the best inexpensive replacement and to enjoy the sunny summer days. You can find both simple and luxuriant designs, and they can enhance the your outdoor experience and be fabulous additions to any backyard space. For today, I have made you a collection of 10 ingenious DIY outdoor showers you can make in no time.

It is not that difficult to make a bathing paradise in your yard that won’t take up too much space and that will belong only to you. You can install outdoor showers in any appropriate corner of your backyard walls or on the fence. For more privacy, you should install wooden panels or other privacy screens. A well-designed shower, will be perfect addition to your outdoor space and bring cool for you too. So, I recommend you to take a look at the gallery below and draw some inspiration. You may find and a shower design that will turn your backyard into the best cool place in the warm summer, and design that will meet your needs, space and style, who knows. Enjoy and have fun!

image via indeeddecor.com

Few things I have experienced in my life are as enjoyable as the invigorating, relaxing and idyllic experience of showering in the summer sun, in the private outdoor shower. This is the best connection with nature that you can experience in your life. The tranquil, open-air and private refuge, blending light, air and water revitalize your spirit.

Those who won’t go on a vacation this summer, should definitely build one of these outdoor shower and experience a spa-like retreat. Before you choose where you will place the shower, consider drainage. You should also consider the access to cold and hot water, the solar heated tank, etc.

So, what do you think about these diy outdoor showers my dear readers? Do you find them interesting and fun? Do you like them and would you like to have one of these shower ideas in your backyard? Which shower is your favorite? I would love to know your opinion, so please share your comments below. If you already have a shower in your yard, please share some photos.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Design & DIY Magazine to find many other design ideas for your home decor inspiration.

The old items that you no longer use can find new applications, not only in the design of the interior but also in the exterior. One positive thing from the global financial crisis was waking up around the borders that reaches consumerism, leaving the trend to constantly buy new and conversion of old items. Pleasant surprise is how many items in your home, in fact, have double, even triple feature. Check these ideas for Backyard Decorations with old items that we have selected for You.

Backyard Decorations

As pots for favorite flowers can be used rims, trolley with one wheel, pallets, barrels, tires, cans and jars of different sizes, and even rubber boots. Pallets, old bicycle wheels, and even old broom can be used for interesting assembled fence garden. It is enough just to paint all this old items in different colors on personal taste to create a modern and vibrant ambience that is exactly what it is need to your garden.

image credit to greenpro.ca

image credit to robertasgardens.net

image credit to modernmagazin.com

image credit to modernmagazin.com

To get the most out of your terrace and garden and to enjoy the nice days it is good to have a practical and cool furniture. There are many things that you can make yourself and to add charm of your favorite space. Find your favorite idea in this 13 ideas for diy furniture and make your garden or terrace pleasant space for rest.

Fridge with table function

This cheerful stool has a fridge inside which makes it perfect for terrace or garden in summer days.


image credit to ext.homedepot.com

Cane chair

Modify the old, worn-out chair so you will knit a part of the seating.


image credit to abeautifulmess.com

Table from recycled tires

Paint some old tires and just set a glass on them and you will get a beautiful table.


Concrete flower pots – table

On concrete flower pot add table part.


image and instructions via lowes.com

Chairs of crates

Turn crates into something useful – for example, the chairs!


image credit to workingclassmag.com

Cartoon pads for chairs

Stunning cushions you can make yourself, and then paint them.


image and instructions via prudentbaby.com

Comfortable corner

In any corner on the terrace or backyard, you can make a comfortable bed for a nap.


image and instructions via theownerbuildernetwork.co

Furniture of timber and wire

One designer has made all the furniture with the help of logs, wire and upper parts in the form of planks or boards. Try it and you.


image credit to rebeccacoledesign.com

The bed of crates

If you connect the crates across the width you can get this bed for sitting.


image credit to vintageromancestyle.com

Table on the stump in the yard

If already you have to cut the wood, turn it into a table by simply adding panels to the upper part.


image credit to ext.homedepot.com

Repainted plastic chairs

For this project use the paint that is suitable for plastic and will easily get this effect.

Small tables of flowerpots

Connect two same flower pots in the lower part and you’ll get nice table.


image and instructions via apartmenttherapy.com

Colorful table

From the old chairs in a semi degraded state you can do something like this.

Anything can be created on original way, just you need to invent. You should try different options. For example, imagine that you have to build a fence, but you want it to be unique. You could use an unconventional material, unusual shape or color. Can be inspired by your surroundings objects and use your imagination to combine different concepts. In this article you can find some great creative ideas how to make your garden fence and to be unique in your neighborhood.

Mirror fence

If you don’t want your fence stands out, then take it to blend in with the landscape. The fence with mirror surface will literally disappear and merge with the background behind. Of course, it will be there and will continue to perform their functions, but simply no one will notice it.

image credit to art-days.com

Fence of pencils

Decoration of the pillars of the fence as a giant pencils is an interesting idea. Such a concept you can apply if you are designing a playground fence or fence you just want to look colorful and fun. For this purpose you need to sharpen the peaks of the pillars and paint them in different colors. Make the pillars with different height, so to imitate a real set of pencils.

Piano fence

Another interesting idea is to decorate the boards of the fence as piano keys. This idea is quite simple to implement. You just have to paint the fence with white paint, then add small black panels.

Fence with painted characters

There are many other options for decorating the fence. You just have to be inspired by a theme and try to interpret it on the fence.  This fence for example is inspired by children’s cartoon character – each board is painted with the image of a different man.

Fence made of aces

If you love to play cards, maybe you will like this fence, where each element is decorated like an ace.

Fence made of ski

It would be great to recycle old items that you no longer consumed in something usable. For example this fence is made of old ski.

Decorate the ordinary fence

Try to decorate the ordinary fence with graffiti.

Fence made of window shutters

Use the old window shutters to build dynamic fence. Paint them in different colors for more mood.

Refresh your garden decor with some original handmade diy garden pots. See how fast, easy and economical to make an original pots for the garden.

Flower pot with nail polish

In a bucket of water pour several nail polish in different colors and gently mix. Take an old ceramic pot (if possible with a lighter color) and dip it in the bucket, so to catch the paint.

image via bridgman.co.uk

Flower Pot from old teapot

Do not rush to dispose of old metal teapot. Clean it well and stick to the lower end some flat stones and decorate the top with stickers or decoupage technique.

image via mam2mam.ru

Flower pots from recycled cans

image via bridgman.co.uk

Flower pot of fabric

You can probably find pieces of cloth or old tablecloths. Use them to decorate the pots on the balcony. For this purpose spread glue on the pot and carefully glue the fabric.

image via diy-masters.com

image via diy-masters.com

Flower pot of coconut

If you love exotic fruits, and if you have coconut shells, it is ideal for making a hanging pot for home. Once cleaned and wrapped in places with colored tape or foil tape for more mood remains only to drill and spend through them a rope.

image via bigtowers.co.in

Flower pot of felt

Make interesting pots of felt. To do this you need enough big piece of felt, scissors, pencil and line, needle and thread.

Flower pot of log

If you have a piece of wood in the form of a small trunk, use it to make a spectacular pot for indoor plants at home. All you have to do is to remove majority of its interior and lightly polish it

Flower pot and dishes dryer

image via marvelbuilding.com

Flower pots of old stuff

image via craftley.com

image via livethemma.ikea.se

image via recriardecor.com.br

image via findouthowto.net

When tires are no longer for use for their primary purpose, they can serve as a very beautiful and interesting decoration in gardens, on terraces or yard. With their standing in the yard or behind some storage, old tires will be will be just ugly picture and on that way they will serve just to collects rainwater or as nest of mosquitoes. They can be used in a very nice and interesting way and be very useful. From used tires can be made swings, decorative flower pots, garden table and chairs as a pouffe.

Used tires can be used as mini-gardens for vegetables and flowers. There are several advantages. These mini-gardens require less water, fertilizer and fewer weeds. The black color of tires absorbs more heat from the sun and stimulates the growth of plants.

image via odome.com.ua

image via diycozyhome.com

image via goodshomedesign.com

image via allcraftsfr.weebly.com

Bird House Designs

Spring is coming. Birds will return to his homeland. And we need to prepare  a house where they could live a normal life, and to enjoy in their presence. Birdhouse can be made absolutely from any material. Whether it’s a tin can or jar or cans of oil. Here is a small selection of ideas for making a birdhouse with your hands. Good luck!

image via http://artistcellar.com/

image via blueroofcabin.com

image via livingwikii.com

image via georgiashomeinspirations.com

image credit to sadlergardencollections.com

image credit to wildbirdfeeders.co.uk


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