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Clothes Hanger

Clothes Hanger is an important and necessary element for any home. When your friends will come to your home, or you return from work or walk, then the first thing you are looking for is a hanger for clothes. Probably all of you have a classic hangers at home. If you want classic hangers to turn into unique then you are at right place.

This is one simple idea how to make rustic looking hanger from tree branches and recycled wood. This hanger will not cost you anything, but it can become a part of your decor in the hallway.



This is the original hanger for the hallway. Place the ladder in a horizontal position and paint it.


Your old door which stands somewhere in the warehouse with little effort and creation turn it into hanger


Original and very comfortable clothes hangers will be “natural” hangers from branches. They are not only environmentally friendly but also perfectly suitable for any interior.




Surely a perfect effect has this charming “wood-hanger.”

Сигурно перфектен  ефект има  оваа шармантна “дрво-закачалка.” It is created simply by reusing different pieces of wood.


With recycling of old hangers to unique hanger.


Brushes for painting can be used to make lovely hanger.


Hanger from a piece of wood is beautiful, inexpensive and unique.


DIY Storage

The problem of storage in the home is very common and normal thing. We all think that we have no enough space to store all our stuff and to this end we spend a lot of money to purchase additional closets. Check this DIY Storage ideas and improve your home.

Do you think you have enough storage space in your home? Then look around!!! Sure there are some parts of your home that can adapt nicely for storage. Just need to be creative. Look at our selection of creative ideas on how to make additional storage in your homes and all this are budget friendly solutions.


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Kids items are all around the house and very often thrown somewhere on the floor, over the bed, etc. Increase the chances the children ‘s items and toys to be in place so that you will organize them in a smart and easy way clear for the child. We have selected fantastic ideas to organize kids items for every room in the house and of course the car. Apply them today!!!

Organized brushes

Determine the location for kids brushes and toothpaste in the drawer or cabinet door.

Organize toys in the bathroom

Organize the toys in the bathroom with the help of a holders which are usually used for curtains in the bathroom and plastic punnet.

A neat place for drawing

Corner drawing may look quite different and be completely organized. You can purchase organizers or make them yourself.

image credit to apopofpretty.com

Hung jewelry

It is enough to add a couple of hooks on the dresser or closet and you will have organized jewelry for your female child. This is a great idea for the purse.

image credit to bhg.com

Toys under the bed

Divide a plastic bag with cardboard boxes and that’s a great way of stacking toys under the bed.

image credit to serenitynowblog.com

Reading corner

Use the old wooden crates or simple bookshelves and book will always be in sight and easy to store.

image credit to hellobee.com

Organization in the closet

Use the shelves of the textiles for division of the closet among children and the organization clothes for sport and leisure activities. The inscription is welcome for easier stacking.

Tidy entrance

Edit the hallway so that you will determine for each child a personal space for backpack, jacket, etc.

image credit to mommart.blogspot.com

Organized drawers

Organization of the things in the drawer is much simpler with the help of a box. You can buy those of textile or you can use boxes of shoes that you can decorate with paper.

image credit to askannamoseley.com

Moving center

If you live in a small space and the children have to do their homework on a desk or on the dining table of benefits you may be moving cells like this in the picture. Pens can be organized with the help of trays and plastic cups.

image credit to organizingmadefun.blogspot.com

Organization in the car

Take the plastic pockets intended for the bathroom for organizing things in the car.

image credit to decorganizecrafts.blogspot.com

Organization Department by days of the week

Another great way to take advantage of textile shelves is that to record the names of days of the week and use for the separation of the clothes.

Stop buying expensive decorations for the home. Instead, fill your free time with creating of your own decorations that you can make alone or with the whole family. The materials for their preparation you will surely find in your home. In this article you will find some really fun and creative DIY Home Decor ideas. Be creative and enjoy the fun.

image via thewhoot.com.au

image via paratufiesta.com.ar

image via 4shared.com

image via livingsweetliving.dk

The place reserved for the book that you are reading before bedtime, your phone and all those things that you need before bedtime or right after you wake up is a modest, but definitely an important part of your furniture. But instead of using classic (and a little bit boring) variant of side tables, you can make this little convenient corner more feminine and playfully.

Use an old barrel as side table

Find an old barrel and with a little paint and imagination and turn it in barrel of Chanel 5 perfume. You can decorate it with a lamp and a framed picture, or something that reflects your character.

New purpose for old chair

It is a cool idea to have an old chair beside your bed. You can paint it, or just to restore the shine and then decorate it with your favorite magazines, books and of course reading lamp.

The drums can be used for more than playing

If you think you’ve seen everything, imagine an old drum to your bed. Perhaps it is not so easy to find an old drum, but if you find then use it and make a piece of furniture of your taste.

Find a new purpose for the old chair

If you want a minimalist style, this option may be appropriate for you.

Transformation of old suitcases in side table

If you love vintage style there is nothing better than creative coffee table made ​​of old suitcases.

Functional staircases as side table

Maybe the old wobbly ladders you can not use for their original purpose, but of course you can use them for something creative. They can be excellent detail, especially because on every stair you can put something else.

The old casket as night table

Wood is a natural material and is great for home furniture. But, usually the pieces of wood are very expensive. We suggest you to enter the wooden elements in your home in a DIY version. Proposals that we found will surely delight you, especially when you see how easy it is to make.

Shelves of wooden crates

image via czytajniepytaj.pl

Drawer for postcards

image via calderclark.com

Wood and metal for hanging jewelry

image and instructions via stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Shelves for working space

imag via scandifoodie.blogspot.com.au

Shelves in living room

Before and after table

image and instructions via matsutakeblog.blogspot.com

Shelves from ladder

image and instructions via lushome.com

New table from barstools

image and instructions via shanty-2-chic.com

Shoe rack

image via diyroundup.blogspot.com

Shelves for bathroom

image via acutedesigns.blogspot.com

The closet in the kitchen

image and instructions via lushome.com

From old to new cabinet

image via bellemaison23.com

Hanging shelves for flowers

image via viviendodiferente.mx

From old to new commode

image and instructions via centsationalgirl.com

The spring is an inspiring season. With the awakening of spring, the ideas are more and more and your home turns into a big playground where it is possible with a little imagination and a variety of materials to make a piece of furniture, decoration, container waste etc. Here are a few DIY Ideas how to take advantage of the things that everyone has at his home.

How to use branches as decoration

Dry branches, thin or thick, can be used to make hangers for the hall or to make chandeliers. They need to be cleaned and painted and then can be connected depending on what you are making.

Storage place from the crates

Old wooden crates, if are properly painted and attached to the wall in the hallway can serve as an excellent place for storing your shoes, or as cabinets for storing purses, keys, phone, and all the little things that you need. Similarly they can be applied on the terrace or in the pantry.

image via odome.com.ua

image via homejelly.com

Old books as shelves

Small and unusual shelves for small items, that would be a great decor in the bedroom can be made from old books. Install books by inserting a thin but solid piece of wood and thus screw for wall bracket.

Recycled cans

Tins from winter food, from compote, etc., can be used to make hanging flower pots for creepers or other plants.

image source cutoutandkeep.net

image via themindfulword.org

image and instructions via lillysnlollipops.blogspot.com

From suitcases to the basket for the cat

Old suitcase with unusual shape can be converted into a bed for your pet. Change the interior with a decorative cloth, add a pad and you’ve got a basket for the cat.

Wooden crate as chair

From the old wooden crate you can make the chair very easily. Halve the crate to get the seat with backrest and arms. This construction can be repainted if desired, or just protected with clearcoat. At the bottom attach legs from the old table, and put pillows on the seat and backrest or can be done upholstery of thick sponge and cloth.

image via shullboys.blogspot.com

The new role of the old table

Old tray tables are ideal for making shelves that will be used for stacking books, or as Jardiniere for flowers.

image via peasandcrayons.com

Bathroom refreshment

Wooden blinds for windows

image via petitelefant.com

Home DIY Ideas

For today we prepared a list of 10 inspirational Home DIY Ideas which are easy to make and at the same time very decorative. We hope that some of this ideas you will make for your homes.

Stand for the tablet with your hands

You can make a stand for your tablet or book. This stand is suitable for watching movie, reading books. With this stand everything is much easier.

image via http://scoutmob.com/

image credit to imgur.com

Table lamp made of polypropylene pipes and fittings

For this project you need creativity and a little time.

image via http://massalinadrive.com/

Box of newspapers

For this project you need newspapers, shoe box (as a base), scalpels, drills, brushes, clothing, paint, glue, varnish.

Mirror frame made ​​of branches

For such a mirror frame you need twigs, wood frame, glue and varnish.

image credit to decor4all.com

Homemade from clothespins

You can use clothespins for different projects for your home.

image credit to socreativethings.com

DIY Spoon Mirror

Conventional single use plastic spoons, you can use again as a mirror decoration.

image via http://danaalbertson.blogspot.com/

image via socreativethings.com

Woven Cardboard Vase

image via http://thecardboardcollective.com

Vase with marine motifs

You can create a home paradise in the form of a vase with marine motifs, which will remind you to the sea and the past summer holiday. For this project you will need clear glass vase or a small aquarium, decorative sand, colorful stones, dried starfish and decorative moss.

image via instructables.com

Candlestick of conventional logs

Ordinary log can be easily turn into an unusual candle holder, which will decorate the house. For this project you will need dry log, Saw for wood, drill, Melted wax, а piece of sandpaper.

image via instructables.com

Decorative vase from yarn

Try to make a vase with your own hands different from ordinary vase.

image credit to viewfromthefridge.com

Tree Stumps as Interior Decoration

In this article will present some ideas how you can use tree stumps in interior decoration for your home. Tree stumps as a coffee table, stool, shelf, rack of flowers, a tray … Literally you can use tree stumps for all kind of home decoration. We found a couple of ideas how to use them, it is your decision what kind of decor you will choose.

image via http://popsa.biz/

image via craftsy.com

image and instructions via abeautifulmess.com

image via clockhouse-furniture.co.uk

image credit to vitamin-ha

image via http://glitterinc.com/

image credit to ihomedecoration.com

image credit to avso.org

Old Sweaters

Don’t throw your old sweaters. Transform them into interesting creative items for your home. In this article we will present some interesting ideas how to reuse old sweaters and make something really nice and decorative for your home.

Great sweater lamp

If you want to use an old sweater, wash the fabric and treat with the tools for compaction wave and transform it into a thick felt. Cut a piece of fabric in size of the lamp to cover it completely. If the shape of the lamp does not allow use of the complete piece, use a few pieces. If you want, you can decorate the lamp with flowers made from an old sweater.

image credit to thriftyandchic.com

image via http://unskinnyboppy.com/

image via aransweatermarket.com

Blanket from sweater pieces

Old sweater can be used as a material for blanket or fabric for sofa. Cut the healthy parts of the sweater, sew them on the edges and sew them with a sewing machine to each other. You can use pieces of different sizes and different texture. In this way you will get a blanket or fabric with an interesting appearance.

Knitted carpet from old sweater

Cut several narrow strips from old sweaters in equal width and start with knitting.

Basket for yarn from old sweaters

For this project you need an old sweaters and basket. Cut the piece of the sweater in the size of the basket that you want to decorate. Other way is to make a basket for yarn with knitting of sweater pieces.

image via http://blog.yarn.com/

image via http://craftycoup.wordpress.com/

Pillows from old sweaters

The old sweaters you can transform into interesting decorative pillows.

image credit to modernhomeinteriordesign.com

image credit to blukatkraft.blogspot.com

image credit to heatherinheels.com


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