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Wall Storage Ideas

When decorating your home, it looks like you need the best organization skills for your kitchen. This is the place with so many utensils and gadgets, and you need to find the best storage solutions for all of them. Besides storing in drawers and cabinets, you shouldn’t forget about the walls too. You can store on them and thus get the most of the kitchen space. And today we would like to show you several kitchen wall storage ideas that you will find quite useful.

The walls can be perfect place for storing some of the pots and pans. You can hang them on hooks. Or maybe even you can add a pegboard on some wall and use it as a storage for all of your utensils. Pegboards can be like an alternative to open shelves but a little bit more stylish and playful. They can be easily painted and besides serving as organizers they can also serve as wall decor. Tension rods can be also installed on the kitchen walls, where you can hang some of the utensils. Or you can hang some wire baskets on these rods and use them for storing fruit. Scroll down now to see the kitchen wall storage ideas that we have chosen for you today and choose which one of them you will try to copy. Enjoy!

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Kitchen Wall Storage Ideas

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If your kitchen is a small one, you definitely need to use the walls for storage. If there any shelves or racks, you can easily install some. Use them for storing some coffee cups, plates, bowls etc. This could be the spot for storing all of those spices and thus have them at hand when you are cooking something yummy. You can even make some magnetic rack to store the knives and thus keep yourself safe.

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When organizing the kitchen it is important to get the most of the space available, so make sure you don’t leave the walls blank. The above ideas are just some of the many possibles ways of how to store kitchen utensils on walls. Tell us in the comments which one of them did you like the best. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Design & DIY Magazine to find many other DIY projects that you can do in your free time.

White Kitchen Designs

What color is your kitchen? Did you intend to convert it into a completely different cuisine? If your first response is not white, and the other response is yes, then you should look at these examples and consider about choosing a white kitchen. With choosing the custom-made kitchen, it is possible to use every part of the free space and customize it, the way you want. Thus, find some example of the kitchen that would you like and call the designers. Today, we are bringing to you 15 Incredible White Kitchen Designs that abound with serenity & elegance and will make you wish you owned them.

Kitchens dominated by white and whose integral part are white cabinets, provides an overall impression of light and great openness. It is already known that the brighter room seem more spacious and so is the practice, if you intent to become larger, in the smaller rooms you should enter white. When we speak of white kitchens, if they literally the whole white, it can sometimes seem sterile and like in hospital. But to break the monotony, you can refresh your white kitchen with some interesting colorful and bold details. If you don’t know how to do that, see our inspirational suggestions, and you might find what you are looking for!

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Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Design & DIY Magazine!!!

Kitchen Design

Classic style kitchen – harmony of shapes and colors, symmetry, elegance and grace. The classic style has passed the test of time and remains popular in furniture design. Kitchens in classic style – are always current, are not under the influence of the fashion and fit in any interior. Classic style of kitchen design is one of the most popular. If you like classic style it means that you are a stable person and want comfort in your life.

When it comes to interior design small kitchen, then need to pay attention to how restrained design can be made.





Colors and shades

Classic kitchen design includes the following colors from pure white to black, without strong colors, warm colors only. Many disseminated are wooden tones, but is commonly used warm green, olive or dark red tones. The kitchen can be light or dark, the accessories rarely used strong colors. All colors are relatively calm and strict. Strong artificial colors are not welcome.


The furniture is functional and harmonious. It cupboards with hinged doors, tables with drawers, open cabinets and shelves. In the classical style of kitchen cannot without commode island bar. Covers on the chairs perfectly complement the interior. For the cover is desirable to use the same texture as well as inside the kitchen. Dining table should be massive and on scrolling. This is a big table on which whole family eat, so it is important to be big enough for all.




People who are planning to brighten up the kitchen with one of the actual colors of the season, may consider the accents in blue, orange or green grass. These colors provide an opportunity to give a fresh look to the room without introducing too much color. You first need to create a neutral background, then to remove all things that are not tied to it. The kitchen interior can acquire new and fresh look without investing a lot of money and effort. Sometimes one or two very minor changes are able to radically transform the room and make it much more enjoyable. Check these 4 great ideas for small kitchen renovations.

Refresh the kitchen walls with color

Maybe it’s time to pay attention to the walls in kitchen by using artistic colorful touches. You could choose a bright color like magenta, and then to stop on a pattern that will go with your decor. The good thing is that there are a variety of templates with stylish design. Print this you have chosen, and carefully apply acrylic paint with a sponge. It is possible to use stickers. The good thing about them is that can easily be removed if you do not like the final result.

image credit to 25sns.com

Storage space for a tidy kitchen

On the kitchen worktop should not have too many things because they will take a lot of space from the working area for cooking. Instead, it could be used painted boxes in vivid colors. They will perform two functions – will provide storage space and will help to achieve a visual effect. You only need to buy wooden boxes and paint them in selected shades. Label each one and put things that you do not use every day, such as forms for cookies and cakes, etc. The shelves are another option that enables you to free up more space on the worktop.

image credit to mosbybuildingarts.com

Add some houseplants

The easiest way to use green color in the interior of a kitchen is by adding a few pots of flowers. To bring more color, paint pots in deep green or light green. About the plants, choose those who will stand well on the background of kitchen decoration.

image credit to archilovers.com

Create a dramatic effect in the kitchen

To make your kitchen more colorful and vivid, you can remove the colored cups and plates and hang them on the wall as decoration or simply store them on open shelves or in cabinets. You can group the colored vessels by type or by color.

Kitchen Designs

No matter what you have read in the magazines for interior trends, refreshing type of your kitchen does not require to spend a fortune and a lot of time. There are some simple and inexpensive ways in which we can give a beautiful design to any kitchen. With a few minor changes you will get compliments from your loved ones and visitors for the type of your kitchen.

image via studiokyuu.com

There are thousands of magazines, books and online publications where you can find various ideas but most of them are so expensive. In these article you will find 7 small budget kitchen designs tips:

1. Replace the doors and hinges on cabinets and drawers. The rest of the kitchen equipment you can paint or cover with foil for overall visual effect.

2. Paint the furniture in the kitchen in white or ivory and replace the handles on the cabinets. The effect is almost like buying a complete new furniture.

image via gretzl.com

3. Cut the inside of the doors of the furniture and replace it with Plexiglas. The idea is to get a “window” into the inside of the the cabinets. You can use opaque Plexiglas.

image via skyvalleycabinetry.com

4. Experimenting with colors is another way of cheaper renovation of the kitchens. Paint the walls and furniture. If you’re a fan of the traditional, you can buy paint that gives an antique look of the furniture, and if not – the shiny surface is a major in the latest fashion lines of the furniture.

image credit to kitchen-design-ideas.org

5. Another thing that can be changed in the kitchen is countertop and the sink. Sinks with good quality can be purchased at reasonable prices, and the price of the board depends on the area, and whether you will replace it yourself or hire someone. You can choose the material, color and patterns that will match to your kitchen design.

image credit to houzz.com

6. A slightly larger investment is the addition of a kitchen island – an excellent way to add extra space to work and a huge change in the interior of the kitchen. If you do not have enough space in the kitchen or funds for the island you can choose the compromise version with kitchen cart. A movable cabinet with desktop is a very valuable assistant and can be easily moved out of the way.

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7. If your budget is too small, but still want to replace something in the kitchen, you can change kitchen tiles. Both useful and give a whole new look of the kitchen. The variety here is great – materials, colors, patterns – has everything for all kitchens.


image credit to freshome.com

You can notice that the renovation of the kitchen can be easy and light task. A small change is pleasant for all.

The kitchen is a space that is used by all family members for their daily needs such as cooking, eating, socializing or resting. Because of these differences, kitchen lighting is an important factor in any kitchen, and should therefore be divided into three main zones to meet all the parameters: efficiency, comfort and atmosphere.

First zone: working lighting

All the places where we prepare food, cook and clean should be well and directly lighted. The recommendation is to install lights under kitchen cabinets in order to have better lighting on the worktops and sink. Type of lighting: energy saving lights or even better LED tubes (instead of old fluorescent).

image credit to amazingdecoration.net

Second zone: general lighting

Although we term the main, does not have to be. It is the lighting that serves to illuminate the entire kitchen, but it is often not enough when doing something, therefore we use and additional, the working lights. General lighting is often used to illuminate the dining table, if the same is located in the kitchen. Type of lighting: chandeliers or hanging suspension lights with energy-saving lamps or ceiling lights.

image credit to newsdesigninterior.com

image credit to kitchentoday.net

Third zone: decorative lighting

Although there is no crucial importance in the preparation of food and even in consumption the same, decorative lighting has its function especially in those areas where the kitchen connected with dining room and living room. Type of lighting: LED strips or ceiling mounting lamp with smaller power.

image credit to houzz.com

image credit to kitchen-design-ideas.org

In this article will focus on the color green in the kitchen design, for another temptation in the kitchen, giving positive emotions and calming hot passions and emotions. Since ancient times, and today, green color is seen as a symbol of life, naturalness and harmony. Lightweight and unobtrusive, it surrounds us with peace and comfort, bringing a sense of freshness and security.

Green color in the interior of the kitchen is one of the best options for creating an atmosphere to relax after a hard day or to “recharge your batteries” and to create positive emotions. If you decide to bring into the interior of the kitchen green shades you should not immediately run to the nearest store and to pick from the shelves everything that is green: bowls, vases, curtains and anything else you can think of! Because in the construction of a “green line” in the interior of the kitchen you must approach carefully and gently. In this way your kitchen will not look like messy room. To avoid this picture, you should keep in mind that green is an appropriate solution for walls or kitchen equipment color, but not both!

Green accents suit the kitchens in almost all other colors. Green successfully combines with black, white, pastel tones, with warm yellow or orange, and even with blue and royal purple. But above all, it is particularly important the colors to be well dosed.

In our gallery you can see a small part of the endless possibilities for the application of this color in the decoration or the basic concept for kitchens. I would not be surprised if any of this ideas make you a fan of the cause “to get Green in kitchen design!”

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image credit to decosee.com

The kitchen is of particular importance for the home. This is a place that exudes the most sense of warmth and coziness as there smells of delicious dishes and bring memories of times spent with loved ones. See what are the trends in modern kitchen designs.

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The colors of the modern kitchen

The colors of the modern kitchen for 2014 are consistent with the overall trends in color for home decor. Most modern for the season is the kitchen in white. Monochrome combination of black and white also has legions of fans, but it is strongly rivaled from the kitchen in deep red or eggplant purple. Kitchen in neutral colors is also trendy design.

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The design, organization and decor of the modern kitchen are united in a common goal – to gather the whole family together. So lately most common is the option of a large and spacious kitchen, of which in the center is a kitchen island around which are arranged chairs type “Stork”.

image via denvergranitecountertop.com

image via actioninterior.com

image via newdom.mirtesen.ru

Another common idea for the modern kitchen is the idea for gateway (or arch) in the living room or dining room. On the one hand, the lack of a wall or door between the rooms gives an impression of wider space, but on the other – it requires same decor in both rooms.

image via gallerie.com.br

image via seymourlodging.com

image via juliekinnear.com

Element of the modern kitchen is also open shelves, on which are arranged workshops. This trend is not very practical from a household perspective as cups and plates easily catch dust if are not used and washed daily. Therefore, designers have found another solution – kitchen with L – shaped under panels on which has functional compartments for everything you need.

image via mcauleykitchens.ie

image via kitchenkoala.net

image via decoration0.com

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Interior Design of Kitchen

Even if you are not among lovers of country ballads, it is hardly possible at least once somewhere you did not fall under the charm of country style called Country?! This style or also called folk, country, etc. has many supporters, strongly influenced by the peoples and countries, whose colorful lifestyle recreated.

Country Style

Country style possesses a kind of fascination, and with its aesthetics restores images from the past, nostalgia for some quiet time, recreating the unique comfort and harmony. The warmth of natural wood, soft colors, fireplace, beamed ceiling, spectacular use of interior textiles – all this creates a lovely picture. The only thing you need to add is country rhythms in which they sing about love, bright future and something else…

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