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Tips for Arranging Living Room


Nowadays, living rooms often have more features: resting, active socializing, eating, sleeping, etc, so the living room space is divided into separate sections (groups) – for rest, work, hobbies, eating etc and the space is divided with compartments or items of furniture. In this article you will find several useful advices and tips for arranging living room.

The position of the living room in the home should provide:

  • short and clear connection with the entrance to the apartment;
  • connection with other premises;
  • short connection with the kitchen that can be achieved using the bar;
  • communication with the external and open spaces such as loggias, balconies, terrace or garden;
  • good protection from cold, noise, external views.

The best orientation for the living room is south or southwest orientation, and southeast can be recommended. The layout and size of windows depends on the organization of space, the orientation, the environment etc. In any case, the surface of the glass part should not be less than 0.25% of the floor area of the living room.

Before arranging the living room, you need to decide which functional units (groups) should be included, depending on the living habits and needs of each individual family.

Group for active recreation is provided for gathering family and guests, but also for the rest. In this part must be placed seating set (sofa, armchairs, corner sofa) and club table. Additional items can be sideboards, cabinets, tables, flower pots or decorative items. This area should be not overloaded with the furniture, thus creating a feeling of overcrowding and suffocation. Proper position of the group for active recreation will provide a sense of intimacy, open view to the external surfaces, option of expanding, good communication with the entrance in the home, as well as connections with other groups. The possibility of expanding of the group for active recreation is achieved by proper position on the dining room. The position of the TV should be such as to allow unimpeded viewing from all parts of the living room, especially from the group for active rest. The distance of the TV from the person needs to be at a distance at least 3 times greater than diagonal length of the screen.

The Group for dining (dining room) consists of a table, a number of chairs and side items such as sideboards, glass cabinets etc. The table and chairs can be placed in a niche (in this option should keep an eye on the dimensions of the selected elements to be able to passes smoothly and serve, and recommended width is 3,00 m) or alone in space. If the dining room should have more seats, it is desirable to be placed in a separate room with a door that will be associated with the kitchen and living room.

Proper placement of the group for dining should allow:

  • a short connection with the kitchen
  • its good lighting with natural and artificial lighting
  • expansion of the group to external surfaces (terrace, garden or loggias)

The Group for work activities is set according to the needs. Most commonly is placed into a niche or in parts of the area that are large enough to set desk, computer and bookshelves. The most important conditions need to be met for this group are good lighting and able of isolating.

A larger area of the living room allows more functional and attractive organization including a large number of functional groups. Floor coverings in the living room can be of a different material. The most recommended are wood floors that can be combined with decorative rugs or other types of coverings.

The processing of the walls should be simple to maintain. With proper application of color the space can be optically increased, proceed or to make higher. In this regard the following rule is valid: the color of the surface by which you wish to achieve visually increase of the space to be brighter than other areas, because dark colors approaching and the bright colors receding.

By using different details such as curtains, paintings, sculptures and other objects, the atmosphere in the living room will upgrade and the stay in it you will make more pleasant for you and your guests.

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