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Top 10 Most Expensive Houses Worldwide


Some of the most luxurious houses in the world are on sale, but before you decide to make an offer, consider your purchasing power. If every additional income celebrating only with that bottle of a quality drink, then you probably can not afford any of the following ten most expensive houses. For the high life you need quite a lot of money.

Antilia, South Mumbai, India – a billion dollars

Antilia is the most expensive house in the world. Located in Mumbai, Antilia is a real challenge to everything you thought that in one house and all existing in architecture. This castle on 27 floors comprises parking area at six levels, a jacuzzi, gym, ice rink, dancing hall, bedrooms with bathrooms on several floors and garden on four floors. Basically, this house has everything – things you can imagine, but those that you would never even think about. The architecture is based on the Indian tradition of Vastu Shastra, according to which the positive energy should be able to flow. Accordingly, each floor is not only characterized by a special design, but the unique material and aesthetics, which means that each room looks like it’s from different companies.

image credit to fastlifeluxury.com

Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France – 736 million $

This house placed on the French Riviera was built by the Belgian King Leopold II in 1902 and bought by Russian billionaire Prokhorov. The villa consists of 27 floors, has 19 bedrooms and 50 gardener full time.

Fairfield Pond, Sagaponack, NY, USA – 198 million $

This house of 6,000 square meters, currently estimated at 198 million due to the sales tax, includes a basketball court, a bowling alley and $ 150,000 worth pool with hydromassage equipment. This house is the most valuable house in the United States.

The Hearst Mansion, California, USA – 165 million $

These are the top three facts in connection with the fourth most expensive house in the world: was used for filming “The Godfather”, in this house President Kennedy spent honeymoon and it is considered the most expensive house in America. It has three swimming pools, 29 bedrooms, a private cinema and, for some reason, discotheque.

Villa Elena Franchuk, London – 161 million $

Owned by Elena Franchuk, Ukrainian business woman, this five-story Victorian villa, located in London’s Kensington, has 10 bedrooms, an indoor pool in the basement, ‘panic room’ and a private cinema.


The Pinnacle Montana – 155 million $

Owned by Tim Blixseth, this house in the American state of Montana, is unique for two reasons: possession of a private ski lift from the house to the nearest ski area (also in Blixseth property), and is the only property on this list, with its splendid garden and ski resort, which has not been proclaimed as one of the most expensive in the world.

Castle of Aaron Spelling, Los Angeles -150 million $

Here we are, finally! According to the famous Wikipedia, this is the most expensive residential real estate in America and is worth 150 million. Looks pretty good among others on the list, is not it? Thanks to Aaron Spelling which owns the seventh most expensive house in the world with surface of 5,200 square meters with 123 rooms, a bowling alley, skating rink and a huge part intended for the exclusive wardrobe Spelling’s wife.

Fleur De Lys – $ 125 million

This mansion covers an area of 3,800 square meters and has 15 bedrooms.



The palace in Silicon Valley – 100 million $

This is the most expensive family home in America. With its five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pool (probably in case of rain), all in all it is a rather ‘fancy’ house.

Rybolovlev estate – 95 million $

This house is one of the most expensive in the United States, and during the divorce proceedings of Donald Trump has reached the price of thanks which has become one of the most expensive in the world in the history of the divorce processes. This property in Florida was bought by Dmitry Rybolovlev. The house has 18 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms.


image credit to palmbeachpost.com

image credit to likes.com

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