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Towel Rack Ideas for Bathroom


Small changes in the home can make a big difference. Thus, in a short time you can refresh your bathroom with a simple details such as towel rack. We have selected several proposals that will inspire you to beautify your living space. Here’s how:

Coat hanger as holder

Have you considered that the hangers can be excellent towel stands? Take a couple of them and hang them on the wall of the bathroom. They are especially nice because they can hold larger and smaller towels.


Ladders in the bathroom

You can use the ladder as a towel rack.

The rope as a holder

Give your bathroom a sailor style with a rope as a addition.

image credit to marthastewart.com

Handles as a holders

the old handles can be beautiful holders. They also do not occupy much space and are a good solution for the smallest bathroom.

image credit to notjustahousewife.net

Hook made of stone

The stones from the sea are a beautiful memories but also an excellent material for DIY project like this. With a little skill you can use them as a towel rack.

Holder of the rod

Here’s another simple idea for skilled hands. Use the rod in the bathroom as a towel rack.

image credit to prettyhandygirl.com

Rack of old chairs

The old chair is simultaneously towel rack and shelf with hooks for hanging things.

Rustic wooden shelves for towels

The rolled towels on the shelves are the perfect decoration for the bathroom and provide a clean towel at your fingertips.

Knitted basket for towels

If you have a place on the floor or on shelves for a knitted basket, use them to hold towels.

image credit to decoist.com

Towels on the door

For small bathrooms great solutions are handles on the doors that save space and provide enough space for towels.

image credit to marthastewart.com

Towels in cans on the wall

These sweet shelves are made of cans and give a special appearance of the bathroom.

image credit to diy-enthusiasts.com

Towels in the basket on the wall

Attach the baskets on the wall and use them as a shelves for stacking towels.

image credit to makinglemonadeblog.com

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