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Unique DIY Home Projects


DIY Home Projects

In this article we made a collection of DIY Home Projects. This are cheap, quick and creative ideas to make unique and excellent decor and beautification for your home.

Lamp of cans

You need to refresh your home? Do it yourself is always a good solution. For this project you need the old lamp and mechanisms for opening cans.

image via bioradar.net

Wooden Wall Clock

To insert a stamp of nature into your home, make this interesting wooden clock. For this project you need piece of wood, the clock mechanism and AA battery, drill, marker to write the numbers.

Romantic lanterns from cans

Old and used cans you can turn in excellent decor for your home. For this project you need old cans, hammer, nails, colored spray, decorative candles.

image credit and instructions via letsupcycle.com

Garden of recycled plastic bottles

This is cheap, quick and creative idea that you can make this spring for beautification of your garden in a creative way.All  you need is plastic bottles, thick thread, ground and flowers.

image via bitrebels.com

Toilet table

With this project, the old dining table may get new home purpose. You need only to measure, cut and carefully paint in your favorite color.

Framework with jars

This is an interesting framework for beautification of your garden or terrace. You can decorate it with beautiful flowers or use it as a candlestick. For this project you need wooden board, metal clamps, small jars, hammer, screwdriver, 2 hooks and rope.

Decorative boxes of shoes

You can use the boxes of shoes as a decorative boxes throughout the home. Also, they can serve as the perfect Gift Box. All you need is shoe boxes, decorative paper, buttons, decorative thin elastic thread, glue, scissors, needle.

image credit to diycolorburst.com

Set for working desk

This project is an attempt to insert creativity and motivation in your child’s desk. You will need cereal boxes, the inner part of toilet paper, wooden plate, acrylic paint, decorative paper, glue, scissors, brush and wrapping tape.

DIY Wooden Hangers

image via http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/

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