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Unusual Houses throughout the World

Everyone has a house of his dreams. Many people have dreams to build unusual house. Here you can see some Unusual Houses that will represent the full creativity and imagination that people have.

If you think that the houses are simple structures built of brick and cement, think again. Many of the houses around the world are constructed from different types of materials. They can be constructed of various kinds of stones such as marble, granite, brick, or wood. Worldwide are being built different types of houses according to the needs required by the location or climate. Also, there are many people that experimenting with building, guided solely by their imagination. On the photos are shown several unusual houses built worldwide that will show you where human imagination going. Explore this gallery of unusual houses and enjoy!

House in the form of toilet shell



Underground house


Solar house


image credit to contemporist.com

Upside down house


Shell house


World’s most expensive house


image credit to ibtimes.com

Bird island house




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